Do you think there should be stricter laws for ragging and crime against students? The saying ‘Students are the future of the nation and society’ has now become outdated. People now accept that they are the present. Demographics also go in their favour. Youth account for almost half of India. And the ratio of the youth and students will continue to grow as per the trends available for next few decades.

We need to groom and promote the students and motivate and support them to perform their best for themselves as well as the society and imbibe good moral values. It is very unfortunate that despite this knowledge, we fail to protect them from violence. Many times parent and teachers themselves behave violently with the students even hurting them physically and mentally.

Incidents like violent ragging by seniors, fights among students, sometimes even leading to murders make the situation worse. This instils a feeling of anger and revenge. Students who suffer this kind of situation become obstinate and bereft of feelings for others.
This insensitivity degenerates and they behave violently with anyone who comes in their way and stop respecting their teachers and parents. They even do not listen or try to understand and accept their advice and views.

In developed countries, the rights of the children and students are taken care by the law. India too has laws for punishing those perpetrating violence against students. But are we prepared for a scenario where parents, teachers and seniors can be penalised for resorting to any kind of violence.

What is your take on the issue: Do you think that ‘stricter laws’ is important and will help to stop violence and crime against students?