Please note that although red meats generally provide good amounts of zinc, iron, vitamin B-12 and protein - red meats can also provide extreme amounts of fat and cholesterol. Therefore, drain thoroughly, cook in the microwave to extinguish fat, braise with low calorie/low fat glazes and sauces, keep the portion sizes small and do not cook in oil. Be sure and add vegetables high in fiber to help offset the fat content and to strengthen your fight against cancer.

Calories in Beef Liver 3 ounces
braised Rich in zinc and iron. Eat with steamed onions to offset fat and cholesterol as beef liver is devoid of fiber. Liver absorbs hormones fed to cattle; the older the species, the higher accumulation. High in cholesterol. Should be avoided by individuals with gout. 137
Calories in Blade Roast 3 ounces Excellent source of zinc, rich in heme iron. Half the fat is saturated. 213
Calories in Bottom Round Roast 3 ounces, lean only Rich in zinc (promotes blood clotting/assists white blood cells in fighting off infection/speeds wound healing). High in cholesterol. 178
Calories in Brisket 3 ounces, braised Zinc enriched. 206
Calories in Eye Round Roast 3 ounces, lean only, roasted Good source of protein and zinc. 143
Calories in Filet Mignon 3 ounces, lean only High in fat and cholesterol. 179
Calories in Flank Steak 3 ounces, lean only Rich in zinc; eat with carbs to offset fat. 176
Calories in Ground Beef (Extra-Lean) 3 ounces Cook in microwave which will rid the meat of more fat than conventional cooking. 218
Calories in Porterhouse Steak 3 ounces, lean only As with all red meats, eat in moderation due to high fat content and an increase in your cancer risk factor. 185
Calories in Pot Roast, Arm 3 ounces, lean only Niacin, riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, potassium; moderate amount of fat and cholesterol. 184
Calories in Rib Eye Steak 3 ounces, lean only Zinc, protein, iron, B vitamins-specifically B-12. 191
Calories in Shank Cross Cut 3 ounces, lean only
great for making soup Superior source of B-12. 171
Calories in Short Ribs 3 ounces, lean only Extreme in fat with over 1/2 of the total calories attributing to the count. 251
Calories in Sirloin Steak 3 ounces, lean only Good source of vitamin B-12. Contains niacin, zinc, heme iron. 166
Calories in T-Bone Steak 3 ounces, lean only Zinc, vitamin B-12. Extreme in fat content. 182
Calories in Tip Round Steak 3 ounces, lean only If you must have beef, this is perhaps one of your best choices with about 1/3 of the total calories derived from fat. 157
Calories in Top Loin Steak 3 ounces, lean only Vitamin B-12, niacin, zinc. Drain excess fat thoroughly from meat. 176
Calories in Top Round Steak 3 ounces, lean only Another good choice if you must have beef. 153
Calories in Tripe 3 ounces
pickled Contains calcium; should be avoided if taking a MAO inhibitor. May cause reaction in individuals allergic to molds. 53