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Thread: I am finally tying the knot

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    I am finally tying the knot


    Finally here is an update from me...
    Yaar, first you gals & guys have to forgive me for updating you late, but I
    think its the right time for me to announce the news from my side. straight to the news. Still so many issues are yet to be
    resolved and so many people need to be convinced. So, with great reluctance
    I am disclosing this news, since anyway you should know about it one day.
    I think most of you would have guessed it by this time, Yes it is it, you
    think what I think.

    YesI am tying the knot!!

    It was actually planned for this month. But due to opposition from all
    sides, the date has been tentatively moved to next month. I understand very
    well that you all would be in a great shock, but yes it is. Everything
    happened so fast.

    All said. All right, next question; who is it?
    Its going to be another surprise for you. Most of you must have definitely
    noticed me roaming around with, at-least once.

    For others, I am attaching some of my pics from which you can recognize
    who it is. Will keep you posted on further happenings.
    Hoping for the best !!!

    May the occasion be blessed! Have a look on our pic.

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    yaar aish.. badiya post.. tusi ne to hume dara hi diya.. ha ha.. gud one... at least that will help wearing a tie properly.. it sounds funny but i s stil dont know how to tie the knot.. by the way when are u actually going to tie the knot... ????/

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    hey dinoo thanks & cute baby with mischievous smile in ur avtar

    aur aap dar gaye Mogambo Khush Hua.........ha ha ha ha

    hmmm u still can't tie the knot properly........ then take help from ur future wife...........she must be knowing coz thats why they call them better half.........better than u........lolz just kidding

    kya kare dinoo abhi tak koi bakra nahi mila........

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    hi..ash nice post da....sabi ko bakra banakar..bol rahi ho...koi bakra hi nahi mila.....!!! hi..apki adayem...thouba thoba....!!!!

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    0 suprised me for a moment...hey ash before you know it your prince chaming will be on his knee proposing you..and then the title of this post will become true..lolz..take care...

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    hmmm sunshine thanks will be nice to dream that way ....................coz ummid pe duniya kayam hain .................han na

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    boy ash you really got me there. here i was ready to congratulate you. But that was a really good post. yeah you never know when it will actually happen.

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    hahahaha , i cant tie this knot , but in fact i am married.

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    hmmmm naveed see u can't tie this knot either..........thats why i posted this topic to help u guys out there................but who cares for this tie knot ,u tied a knot for a lifetime whixh is more important

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    its tooooooooo gooooood yaar...................first i was shocked but then i realised dat m one of the bakra...........

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