In what will decidedly qualify as a first ever experiment in cinema Nikhil Advani's segmented love tales Salaam-e- Ishq will now be divided into 6 separate love stories, each plot treated as individual self-contained plots.

This more viewer-friendly version of the episodic film will conclusively illustrate the fact that the fragmented format doesn't work in India.

Explains Nikhil, "I'd have to go with that. Going by the track record for films with different sub-plots including mine, we can assume audiences like to see one plot within one feature. So many people have told me they'd have liked to see Salaam-e-Ishq as six different films."

Eros Entertainment has come up with what we can call a theatrical cut, as opposed to the director's cut. This would be on a DVD and viewers would have the liberty to view each track separately as one self-contained film.

"Those who like the John-Vidya track can watch that and skip the others. Even while I was writing the film I knew that somewhere down the line I'd bring out six plots from my film," says Nikhil.

He guffaws, "People who have been celebrating my film's fall for its length will get free copies of the DVD.

Look, the gloating over my film's failure didn't bother me. I've seen it happening to Karan Johar. Big films are always looked with skepticism.

But yes it didn't surprise me to be so harshly treated. I do wonder where I went wrong! The one track that I could improve? The Salman-Priyanka one. I think I went wrong with that."

Nikhil has lately shot lots of ads. "I've shot 10-12 commercials after Salaam-e-Ishq. It teaches me economy of space…a lot of people think I need lessons in that after the 3 ˝ length for Salaam-e-Ishq.


I've shot ads with John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan ….Ads give me the financial security to direct the feature films I want to make."