Areeee.. why are you upset? We are talking about the roles that this hubby-wife have got to play in RGV's 'Sarkar' sequel 'Sarkar Raj' that will see Big B, Junior Bachchan and the Bachchan bahu being cast in lead roles. Though is film has been forecast as a sequel to its previous 'Sarkar' this film is huge when compared to the budget and the star cast of its predecessor.

This is the first film that will be releasing for Abhi after his marriage with Aish and what is very interesting is that in this flick the Abhi-Aish character has been dealt with as 'diametrically opposite' from each other. Aishwarya Rai plays a hardcore business woman who has her own rules for getting things done her way with no compromise whatsoever.

It will really be interesting to see this romantic couple on and off screen being hitched opposite each other, for all the fans. But we had some news doing the rounds a few days back that 'Sarkar Raj' will not be released as scheduled in May and might get delayed because Bachchan senior was not really happy with some scenes involving Abhi after he saw the rushes. Since this is the first film that is going to release for Abhishek after his marriage, Big B had asked the director RGV to redo some scenes involving him and Abhi.


But Ram Gopal Varma, the director of 'Sarkar Raj' has reportedly quashed all such rumors and has confirmed that the film will hit theatres in May.

We guess the real life couple pitting against each other in reel life will be quite a watch