Celina Jaitley or Jaitly was born in Kabul, Afghanistan on November 24th 1981.[3]. She was crowned Miss India in 2001. She has appeared in several movies and music videos (including the Bombay Vikings' Zara Nazron Se Kehdo video). A child of a mixed marriage, Jaitley's Indian Punjabi father is a former Indian Army Officer, and her mother an Afghan child psychologist by profession, as well as a former beauty queen. About her mixed parentage, she quotes "I am of Afghani descent but 100 per cent Indian". She has one brother, who is serving in the Indian army. She grew up in different cities and mostly spent her time in Kolkata, India. Celina was raised as a Hindu. She has said that when she was young, she wanted to join the army herself, either as a doctor or a pilot.


She was a finalist in the Miss Universe 2001 contest. In addition to her title of Miss India, Celina has won the Miss Margo Beautiful Skin, Indiatimes Surfer's Choice, and MTV's Most Wanted awards. There was a lot of controversy around the unfair treatment towards Celina during the Miss Universe contest when she was in Puerto Rico in 2001.

In 2007 Celina flew to New Zealand and shot her first international movie "The Quest of Sheherzade", a romantic comedy. Whilst there she was targeted by a stalker who had followed her from India. Celina was said to be traumatised by the experience.

She is the brand ambassador of Egyptian tourism & D'damas
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