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Thread: Anil praises Aamir after special screening

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    Anil praises Aamir after special screening

    Anil Kapoor and his wife Sunita along with a few family members were guests of the reclusive Aamir Khan on Friday night. The evening began with a private screening of Taare Zameen Par at the Ketnav preview theatre, followed by dinner at the Khan's residence at Bandra.


    Anil had been wanting to see Aamir's directorial debut offering for a long time. More so, because whenever Khan invited him, he couldn't go as he was shooting for Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire. Anil admits, "I even asked Aamir to hold a screening for the entire unit of Danny Boyle but that didn't happen. Everything just kept getting postponed till my son Harsh saw the filHe asked me, 'what's wrong with you dad? Why aren't you watching the film'?" So last week, Anil called Aamir and requested him to hold a screening for him. Aamir did the needful and also extended a dinner invitation.

    Anil adds that his daughter Sonal, too, hadn't watched the film and was also present. Kapoor adds, "Sonal has just returned after the Jaipur schedule of Dilli 6 and she was also quite eager to see it. I was taken aback when I saw Taare Zameen Par. I couldn't believe Aamir could make such a beautiful film." He says he didn't shed tears during any scene. "I didn't get emotional as I had already heard it was a very emotional film."

    Aamir has watched Anil's first home production Gandhi My Father, which released last year and had called it 'a perfect film'. Tease him about the mutual admiration club he and Aamir have formed and the actor laughs, "It's nothing like that. We've been in touch over the years. After the screening Aamir invited us all over to his home for dinner where we broke our diets and had lots of rice and dal.

    Sunita kept on giving us dirty looks. We sat on the sofas gorging on the food discussing TZP. What Aamir and I didn't realise that the next day we would both wake up with puffy faces. We have a problem if we eat too much rice our faces bloat due to water retention."

    Aamir's wife Kiran couldn't play hostess. "She didn't join us as she wasn't well and was sleeping inside," informs Anil who is looking forward to his next, Subhash Ghai's Black And White which releases this week.
    m and loved it.

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    he is nice man

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