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Thread: Saif on Kareena, love and life

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    Saif on Kareena, love and life

    Goa’s got everything to raise the mercury. The sun, surf, skimpy and seductive women... and Saif Ali Khan! The Chhote Nawab was completing the last song for his new film Race with the ravishing Katrina Kaif. In between takes, he took himself and his cell into another world... where the love of his life, Kareena Kapoor, was just a call away. Excerpts from a conversation with him...

    How’s life looking today?

    • Pretty good. Seems like every department is loaded with exciting potentials and wonderful possibilities, both professionally and personally. It’s upto me to make full use of them. I think I am, pretty much.

    You do wear your heart on the sleeve all the time...

    • I don’t consciously do that but it always tends to end up there, on my sleeve. And I love the way I wear it. I wouldn’t have it in any other way.

    Are you married or not?

    When marriage happens, I will share it with everyone. I don’t believe in doing things behind closed doors.

    You’re open about your relationship with Kareena...

    • I don’t know if we have been particularly open but I don’t believe in being hypocritical, lying and hiding things. Nor do I believe in shouting from the rooftop. But I’d like people to know how seriously I take my relationship in order for them to take it seriously. I don’t want any kind of speculation about whether it’s on or not, that kind of filmi rubbish is not my scene. When I have someone in my life, why would I need to promote the image of being a single, available man?

    Has your family met her?

    • Yes, my parents think she is a wonderful girl.

    People think you’re devoting too much time to your love life...

    • I give a damn to what anybody thinks. That’s how I have always been. I’m in love and proud of it.

    You’ll are described as the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of India...

    • I think we are much cooler. We are Saif and Kareena of the world, not the Brad and Angelina of India.

    What drives you, love or work?

    • Love, more than anything. Work is an integral part of it. In order to sustain love you need to work. I am doing that.


    You give the impression of having lost ambition...

    • Sometimes I feel I should have been more ambitious. But my priorities keep changing. At one point I struggled to get accepted, then I wanted to be successful, and now there’s the strong urge to be the best in my craft... which I think I am. But the more I realise these are not going to last, the more ambitious I am to achieve something special.

    Aren’t you interested in the Indian Premiere League?

    • I’m not taking much interest in the IPL, though dad and I had a chat about it. I think Shah Rukh’s got a mind-blowing business brain. He’s my inspiration. I hope I can pick up something from him. I love the way his mind works.

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    they r too much

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