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Thread: Tips for long distance relationships

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    Tips for long distance relationships

    1.Keep the information flowing on both sides. You don't have to have something profound or wildly exciting happening before you decide to inform your family about it. Little snippets on what's happening in your life on a day-to-day basis will do. After all, that's how you relate to the family you live with.

    2.Pictures are important, especially, if you have little children. Kids grow so quickly that they would become unrecognisable in a couple of years. Send photos of your kids at every stage with a personal note at the back, explaining what is happening in the photo. It will be easier for the family to relate to your kids if they do know what they look like.

    3.With Information technology becoming so prevalent, communicating by e-mail or talking on the computer should be no problem. And it isn't expensive either. Do it regularly. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to keep a relationship going this way. You can get to be pretty close to the people you are communicating with.

    4.Encourage the kids to communicate when they are old enough to do it. Little drawings, jokes, school happenings are all great ways to establish bonds. The child would love to share these details and the doting grandparents would love to receive the information.


    5.Remember special days like birthdays and anniversaries. Make it a point to wish the people concerned. Send gifts if you can.

    6.Get your children involved in the gift buying process. Let them get the joy of deciding what will look good on grandma, or what book grandpa will enjoy.

    7.No matter how closely related you are, the key to a good relationship is contact. If you are out of touch, the bonds will slacken. And it isn't easy to recover what you once treasured.

    8.If you have emigrated, keep your children in touch with their culture and their roots; relationships thrive when the two parties can relate to each other. It helps them understand each other better

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    Good....really so nice to read!

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    good & very useful tips sunny

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    gud post dear

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    cheers ash and sweety for ur replies

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