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Thread: God Always Answers Prayers!!

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    God Always Answers Prayers!!

    When the idea is not right, God says "NO."
    No,when the idea is not the best.
    No,when the idea is absolutely wrong.
    No,when though it may help you,it could create problems for someone else.

    When the time is not right, God says, "SLOW."
    What a catastrophe it would be if God answered every prayer at the
    snap of your fingers.
    Do you know what would happen?
    God would become your servant, not your master.
    Suddenly, God would be working for you instead of you working for God.

    REMEMBER: God delays are not denials. God's timing is perfect. Patience is what we need in prayer.

    When you are not right, God said "GROW."
    The selfish person has to grow in unselfishness.
    The cautious person must grow courage.
    The timid person must grow in confidence.
    The dominating person must grow in sensitivity.
    The critical person must grow in tolerance.
    The negative person must grow in positive attitude.
    The pleasure seeking must grow in compassion for suffering people.

    When everything is alright, God says "GO."
    Then miracles happen.
    A hopeless alcoholic is set free.
    A drug addict finds release.
    A daughter becomes as a child in his belief.
    Diseased tissue responds to treatment and healing begins.

    The door to your dreams suddenly swings open and
    there stands God saying "GO."


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    good post....napster

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    cheers hema... happy u like it

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