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Thread: What is Emotional Abuse ?

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    What is Emotional Abuse ?

    What is Emotional Abuse ?


    Here are some helpful Quotes from a great book about Emotional Abuse........
    --"Abuse in psychology is defined as any behavior that is designed to Control (through many methods, some that one may not be aware of or ready to look at..) Or subjugate another human being through the use of FEAR (of that person, of their actions or other consequences), or humiliation ..etc (and verbal or physical assaults).
    --"EMOTIONAL abuse is any kind of abuse that is emotional rather than physical.. it can include anything from verbal abuse to constant criticism to more subtle but just as destructive tactics such as Intimidation, Manipulation and refusal to ever be pleased."
    --"Emotional abuse is Like brainwashing because it tears away the victims self confidence, sense of self-worth or self needs, trust in his/her own perceptions, and self-concept over all."
    --"Emotional abuse can be upfront by belittling or berating, or done in disguise as "guidance" or "teaching" ..either way the results are the same."
    --"Over time "eventually the recipient of the abuse loses (or can lose if not stopped) all sense of SELF and any remnants that were of personal value..
    --Emotional abuse cuts to the very core of a person, creating scars that may be far deeper and more lasting than physical ones."
    --"With EMOTIONAL abuse the subtle insults, insinuations, criticism, and accusations slowly but surely eat away the victims self esteem (especiallly when the victim is trying so hard to please and do well) until the victim becomes incapable of judging a situation Realistically.."
    (also it may hurt too much to see what is true and really happening and that their partner/abuser is hurting them so deeply that it is truly "abuse")
    --"One can become so beaten down by the abuse that one blames his/herself for the abuse.. thinking if she changes or if she listens.. (etc)
    --"The victim thinks when he/she obeys the abuse may stop.. When it does not stop, Self esteem levels can also reach so low that the victim begins to cling to the abuser who masks himself as her teacher and her guidance."
    --"Those that set out to emotionally abuse don't always intend to destroy those around them, but they DO set out to control them." What better way gain control than to let the victim doubt her own perceptions, decisions, ideas, mind, or slowly become dependent on the abuser?"
    (Many different manipulations may be involved in each seperate case.)
    --In studies of the personality of emotional abusers.. psychology found that they have a PERSONALITY not a disorder that uses certain behaviors to attract a partner that either already is a certain way (their opposite) or can be changed to become a certain way..

    Emotional abuse is as Real as EVERY other form of abuse.
    In fact psychology states it can be even more DANGEROUS.. because the victim does not realise what is HAPPENING... See.... Just because there are no cuts or bruises (on the OUTside) does not mean that there are none on the inside.. When someone is being emotionally abused however, they find it much harder to know and recognize Abuse...or what is really happening..

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    nice da

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    depressing da. never get trapped in something like that.

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