It was Saturday Evening.
I was sitting in my cubicle, surfing Internet. Had no other work to do!!!

Suddenly in Gmail Chat I received a Message from my Girlfriend.
“Hey, Are You Free Rt Now???”

I replied, “Yes Sort of...” I knew it’s been long since we had a chat. We used to have long late night chats when we were at our own place.
But destiny had something else in bag for us. Keeping us in different corners of the country.

She: “Long time no msgs??? Found anyone else or what??”
I: “No dear… Have just come here. Just joined in a new place, it will take time to find ur replacement in this place.”

She: “You mean it??? How can u be so rude??”
I: “Do u think I can? After knowing me for such a long time … ur still querying me??”

She: “Was just joking… “
I: “Same here…..”

Discussion went on about my new habitat and then something about hers too wherein she told how lonely she was feeling.

I: “So what are ur plans for Valentines Day?”
She: “Nothing as such. Will wait for some surprise visit of yours, which will make my day Special”.

I: “It’s not possible. You are in not in your senses… You are aware that it’s a totally new location for me. I have just got a project. So not possible to come and meet u so soon.”
She: “See I have not demanded anything else from you. Neither a Keychain – coz I know it may get some bad luck for us. Nor have I asked you something very expensive, which is not possible for u to gift me. I just asked you to come.”

I: “Dear, it’s not practical. And it’s not fair too. Last time u had your exams and I did not say anything. This time u are not having any exams. Just catch a flight and come. Lets Celebrate here in Chennai.”
She: “Go away. No ways. I can’t come to Chennai. Its takes long to come there. And will you be able to take time out??”

I: “Well I can at least try to come to some place in Chennai itself. To come to ur place, I’ll have to take two flights and then 2 more to come back and report back in time.”
She: “Bye bye. See Ya… Good Night”

And She Logged Off. I was not able to decide, is this what all Girls do?? They just demand and don’t consider our situation.

That night I tried hard and hard.. But could not find a way to get her back on track.

Just then an SMS alert rang in my cell. It was 11:30 and I knew, it could not be anyone else than HER at this moment.

The SMS read,
“A Famous quote: Satisfy the person who expect from you rather than surprising d person who never expected anything from u.”

And on scrolling I found something more written:
Agar abhi nahin… to kabhi nahin… (If not now, then never)

That was Saturday night. I was not feeling sleepy anymore. This was too much for a person who had not done anything wrong.

Sunday Morning I replied:
“Life is of no interest when u come at par with those who had EXPECTATION from u. Coz they have a belief that their expectation will b completed one day.

Life is exciting when u SURPRISE those who never expected anything from u. As its that time when u live on to ur own EXPECTATIONS.”

With no reply, being desperate – as many Males are – I wrote one more SMS… (On Tuesday)

“Stars are not in my Favour
Project Naya hai Mila
Milna Possible nahin hai dear
Rakhna naa koi gila”

Then flashed a reply from her!!
“Batein Karte ho badi badi…
Par Karte unhe poori na kabhi.
Na Karna koi Promise
Agar Karna ho Mujhse hi Compromise”

Finally after lot of thinking and thinking... I replied:
“Badi Baat nahin ki, Sirf ek Guzaarish Ki Hai
Tumse Dil Lagane Ki Gustaakhi Jo ki hai…
Tumse Na Kiya naa karoonga compromise,
I know iski pay karni hogi bahut badi Price”

Wed, Thu went hopeless… and me being busy in my new project work.

Friday… a reply popped up on my mobile screen!!
“Unka Waada tha ki woh aayenge,
Ummeed na thi ki dil tod jaayenge.

Ye sadma na ab seh paayenge.
Sochte hai aaj hi is rishte ko dafnaayenge.

Jo bheegegi palke kaise unhe rok payenge,
Jee rahe hai aise hi jee jaayenge.

Shayad zindagi bhar saath naa de paayenge
Kyunki phir koi chot dil par naa le paayenge.”

And on scrolling down it was written… “The End of our story”

But I had still hopes…

On Saturday, I replied…
“The End kehkar Rishtey ko dafna diya,
Khud to roye, hamein bhi rula diya.

Who samajhte hai chot sirf unko lagi hai,
Koi unhe batao dil unka hi nahin… Hamara bhi toota hai.”

And then I wrote a few lines at the end of the SMS
“Picture abhi baaki hai mere Dost”