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    Hi Friends, Let me introduce about myself first. My name is Akbar Ali B.A. Im from Jayanagar, a small town in Karnataka, India. Im internally good hearted and externally also good looking boy, in addition, very frank & social.

    Im a very loving person, honest, cares, understands, helps, active, and straight forward and a very heart full natured. I have large friend circle. I always try to assess the situation before I get into it. Im a very skeptical in general, where people are concerned as I always scan the person properly before I take to friendship. I act on my own way as I like and will not bother much about other's words. However, always I agreed with facts. I always like to help others. Im capable of doing all kinds of works. I respect love and friendship than money. I like traveling very much. I like to finish the work as early as possible. As I possess helping tendency, I make friendship with people in various religious. I love nature and scientific innovations.

    I have great imaginary power. I will concentrate deeply in the work I take-over for fruitful results. I attract everyone with my social behavior and frankness. In addition, I will progress to higher status in life with self confidence.

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    welcome to nidokidos .

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