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Thread: Remember When?

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    Remember When?

    As I go past 50 years on this earth, I look back at an American way of life that once existed and now lays before me, broken, in pieces, and defiled. I did not realize it at the time, but my old world was America in all her glory. Many years later I look back and clearly see that the America I once knew, has became sick and started to die. I write this publication so that people can see what America used to be like and hopefully long for the better life which existed only 32 years ago. Hopefully, it may help those tired of today's society to attempt to live once again in the manner Americans once lived.

    Remember when you slept with your windows open and the thought of being burglarized or assaulted never entered your mind

    Remember when the only time the front door to your house was locked was when your family went out of town or on vacation?

    Remember when you could leave your car parked with the windows down and the key in the ignition and not worry about it being stolen

    Remember when children called adults Sir and Ma'am?

    Remember when males were called Mr. And females were called Miss. Or Mrs.

    Remember when it was a disgrace to become pregnant before marriage

    Remember when it was a male's duty to marry the female he made pregnant

    Remember when only one parent earned the income for the entire household

    Remember when medical insurance was not needed since medical bills were affordable

    Remember when people broke the law they were punished

    Remember when you could leave your bicycle outside over night and it was still there the next morning

    Remember when teachers used to paddle bad students

    Remember when troublemakers at school were expelled for the year

    Remember when you and your family used to personally know all of the neighbors on your block

    Remember when you were taught that problems were a part of life and you were expected to solve them on your own

    Remember when it was a disgrace to be on the government dole

    Remember when you were expected to give 8 hours work for 8 hours pay

    Remember when the mother stayed home and provided guidance and care for her children

    Remember when you could take a bad child home to his parents for punishment without the fear of being arrested for child abuse

    Remember when the parents would actually punish the punk

    Remember when children had to memorize math tables and the text of various poems and articles

    Remember when no exceptions were given to violators of rules, regulations and laws

    Remember when badly behaved children in school were punished not drugged with Ritalin

    Remember when the parents were held fully accountable for their children's behavior

    Remember when children didn't talk back to adults

    Remember when "beyond a reasonable doubt" was all that was necessary to convict a criminal

    Remember when a criminal's sentence really meant that they would be off the street for that long

    Remember when you could not sue if it was your fault or you were negligent

    Remember when everyone had to take the same tests in school

    Remember when you did not need automobile insurance

    Remember when there was no state sales tax

    Remember when the rule of the road was to yield to the car on the right at a four way intersection

    Remember when people took turns

    Remember when welfare was there to keep people from starving-commodities only

    Remember when people did not have credit cards? If you did not have the money, you did not buy it

    Remember when the grocery store (and pharmacy) used to deliver your order

    Remember when a prospective employer could ask someone if they were on drugs, had an arrest record, or ask their former employer about their work history

    Remember when a young person entered work in a business and stayed there until their retirement

    Remember when your ability to produce and be productive was more important than a piece of paper stating that your parents were able to send you through college

    Remember when advancement within a business was based upon your self-determination and drive instead of academic accomplishments in fields unrelated to the job to be performed

    Remember when people used to wait their turn

    Remember manners at the table? In a social environment

    Remember non-union apprenticeship positions

    Remember when there was no drug problems

    Remember when men gave their seat to a lady

    Remember when children were taught not to touch

    Remember Emily Post

    Remember when nude pictures of women had black censorship stripes across their private parts

    Remember when McCarthy found a hotbed of socialists and communists in Hollywood

    Remember when men went to the draft when they were called, because they were obeying the law

    Remember nuclear bomb shelters and school nuke drills

    Remember when it was expected by society for you to graduate from high school

    Remember when you would get into serious trouble for damaging or vandalizing other's property

    Remember the horror of reform school if you committed a crime

    Remember when you walked the streets at night and never thought about being assaulted

    Remember when neighbors helped each other when disaster or sickness occurred

    Remember when parents supervised their young children while they were playing with small toys

    Remember when it was a parent's duty to teach their children proper gun safety

    Remember when we blamed the criminal, not the weapon

    Remember when sexual perverts were kept out of sight or in jail

    Remember when gays were called queers and their actions not condoned by society

    Remember when schools were not ruled by the federal government

    Remember when public schools taught the basic fundamentals of education and it was up to the individual to utilize this basic knowledge to advance themselves in higher education

    Remember when telling the truth was a badge of honor

    Remember vagrancy laws

    Remember sunset laws

    Remember when criminals had no rights other than what the Constitution provided per se

    Remember when the state and federal government did not dictate vacation, hiring, and leave policies of private business

    Remember when kids had paper routes

    Remember when it was the status quo for older children to hold summer jobs

    Remember when people "left the nest" when they reached 19 years of age

    Remember when stores opened at 8, lunch was at 12, and closing time was 5

    Remember when kids sacked groceries

    Remember when the President of the United States was a role model we wanted our children to emulate

    Remember when small towns had small businesses, small grocery stores, and small shops

    Remember when people did not go to physiologists for problems they could solve themselves

    Remember when women were feminine and males were masculine

    Remember when you could give a girl a compliment and not loose your job? Or get sued

    Remember when we used to play "cowboys and indians" without feeling guilty

    Remember when boys were boys and girls were girls

    Remember waiting for the blessing to be said before you started eating

    Remember going to Sunday School every Sunday morning? Remember the church suppers that evening

    Remember going to the show every Saturday? Usually a "cowboy and indian" flick! Remember getting a haircut at least once every two weeks

    Remember stopping and holding your right hand over your heart when you heard the "Pledge of Allegiance" or our national anthem

    Remember when men did not wear their hair in "pony tails?" Remember how much better our criminal justice system was before the ACLU destroyed it

    Remember when the ice man (and milk man) made deliveries into your unlocked house while you slept or were away

    Remember the phrase "respect other's property and privacy?"

    Remember when people had no sympathy for people who were simply too lazy to work

    Remember when the only thing taken out of your paycheck was social security and income tax

    Remember when banks were permanent and you knew everyone there

    Remember when it was the parents responsibility and duty to raise their children with the morals and beliefs passed down from their parents

    Remember when you could say any words you wished without persecution, or worse yet, the chance of having your life destroyed by loss of job or career

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    hi............good post...

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    remeber when u hear and feel unsaid words

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