The Little lady looks out of the window and realizes that yet another day has silently slipped away from her fingers. Oh the day gone by took away so many things. It took away a little morsel of hope; Hope of fulfilling some of her treasured dreams. She looks around her room and hears her exhausted husband snoring, oblivious to her turmoil.

She had been bending over backwards; to please everyone around her and at the end of the day she realizes that no one bothered to even thank her for her pains. But then a smile creased her face as she thought that may be this is what is called- labour of love!

After all it was her decision to exchange freedom of life to the bondage of love and as they say as fair exchange is no robbery so by those standards the little lady had not exactly been cheated. She looks out of the window and gazes longingly at the dark sky filled with twinkling stars. She had always dreamt of traveling to distant lands, learning about different cultures, exploring the historic places… oh the endless quest for adventure, she could feel the adrenalin course through her veins just as she recaptured her dreams.


She had always been a dreamer and her dreams gave her wings to fly, they colored her days better that a rainbow. A strong faith that dreams do wear the colors of reality always kept her going, until today.

In her quest for someone to share her dreams and passion with she had given in to the ties of matrimony, firm in her believe that her prince charming would share her passion for travel and exploration. But as one thing leads to another, so does marriage. It leads to commitment, it leads to planning for future, it leads to daily calculation of expenses, it leads to a life so preoccupied wit daily chores that no time is left to dream, it leads to thoughts about starting a family, it leads to responsibilities. And beneath the burden of all these changes the quest of travel shrivels up slowly and slowly, until it is just a speck of a reminder: of dreams once dreamt and held passionately against the heart. There is no one to blame , no one to point a finger at, I guess its all fate accompli!