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Thread: A love story without a happy ending

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    A love story without a happy ending

    The sun has finally winded up his rays and was on his way back to, wherever it hid in the night. The moon had not yet gathered the courage to show its face.

    Kakul was sitting and day dreaming about her life. Her eyes sparkled with sparks of happiness every time she thought about him. She felt she was the luckiest girl on earth to have found such a sweet friend, she was very comfortable talking to him and he, unlike most boys her age, did not have any ego . He was Cool. Yes that’s what he was. She was sure he was a looker too, as his voice was like molten chocolate to her ears and she loved to hear him talk.

    Though talking was indeed expensive, but between them they had worked out a simple method and called each other alternatively, so neither of them felt the burden of calling between India and US.

    She had met him through a match making site, as she had been looking for a suitable match for herself. She had come across his profile and hand been intrigued by the simple and straight forward updates on his profile. She was impressed by his honesty. She had sent him a message, and the rest as they say is History. They had hit off literally like a house on fire.


    Though they had met through a matchmaking site, but both of them had treated each other as friends and neither of them had tried the desperate measures of judging each other for suitability as a life partner.

    But Today Kakul had an intuition, that they were finally ready to take their friendship to the next level. She eagerly looked at the clock,……another 1 hour to idle away before he would call.

    She felt like singing and dancing .Bubbles of happiness made her giggle like a silly school girl. She was tempted to break the rules and cal him.

    Triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingggggggggg tringgggggggggggggggggggg…. The shrill ringing of the phone cut through the emotionally charged atmosphere of Kakul’s thought. . She ran to pick the phone and was barely able to say a breathy ‘hello’. The reply sent a wave of molten chocolate through her. They hurriedly got through with the customary pleasantries. It was as if the air between them was heavy with unasked questions, several answers floated aimlessly and both of them were not sure how to start THE Topic.

    Finally he took the cue and said

    ’ Kakul I have something important to tell you hope you are ready to hear me out’

    ‘Sure go ahead I am with you all the way’ Kakul replied, her heart jumped a few beats as she waited for his reply.

    ‘ Well’ Said Priyank ‘it is been almost 6 months since we first started talking and I must say. That you have been the one ray of hope in my dark life’

    Kakul was surprised to hear Priyank say such a thing, he had always sounded so funny and witty that she found it real heard to imagine his life as’ dark’

    ‘You see Kakul, I think I want to marry you, but I am not sure how you will react, when I tell you that, I am currently undergoing treatment for cancer and hope to be back to India in a month or so. I am hoping to be fully cured by then, but the docs say that there are chances of a relapse.’
    There he had finally ended the months of torture. He had been haunted by guilt ,that maybe he was leading kakul on an endless journey. Maybe he could not accompany her to the end. But he was sure he needed her, but would she be ready to lend her hand? He had asked this question to himself again and again and his heart had always said she would, she was the kind of girl who truly believed it’ Forever’

    ‘Hello, you there Kakul’ queried Priyank, as he heard no reply from her.

    ‘Yes I am’ came a feeble reply. ’ Can we talk tomorrow, I need to go right now as my mom is calling me’ Kakul continued.

    Priyank’s heart sank. He knew very well that Kakul’s mother was not home at this hour of the day and he was sure she has just fibbing her way out so that she could hang the phone,

    ‘Ok sure’ he replied dejectedly. He felt he had been wrong in his judgment, Kakul sounded as if she wanted to run as fast as she could, she surely didn’t sound like a girl who believed in’ Forever’s any more.

    As Kakul replaced the receiver she felt ready to cry… ‘How could you?’ She almost shouted at God. She could not still believe what she had heard. Priyank had terminal Cancer and he wanted to marry her! What should she say? Yes would it be love or pity? Should she say no? Wouldn’t it be cruel and heartless?

    She spent a sleepless night, tormented by such questions, but the answer evaded her like sleep evades a guilty mind.

    As the sun crept with his first rays, Kakul was at her wits end, after hours of trepidation, she still had no answer. She was sure she loved Priyank, she had known it for the past 4 months now and had waited patiently for him to pop ‘the question’ But THIS’ she could not handle, she could not see Priyank wasting away with cancer in front of her eyes. But did this justify her running away.

    She could no eat through the day and felt dizzy with the emotional turmoil.

    The hand of the clock slowly crept towards 5 o Clock, she was dreading the Time, when she would have to pick up the phone and call Priyank……………..

    Finally the Judgment hour came, with a steely resolve, she picked up the phone and dialed Priyank’s number.

    She waited as the phone rang endlessly. There was no answer. She redialed again No reply again, now she was nervous, cursing herself and praying that everything was alright with Priyank she dialed again. No reply again.

    It was past 12 in the Night and her fingers ached as she tried his number again, she was near to tears now. She desperately left messages on his email id and on his chat id.

    She slept fitfully that night and was haunted with nightmares all through the night.

    Finally at 7 in the morning she dialed priyank’s number again she crossed her fingers and hoped that he would pick up the phone, the Phone was picked in the 3rd ring, she waited for the molten chocolate to run pour through, but a heavily accented Voice replied with a gruff ‘Hello’

    ‘Can I talk to Priyank?’Kakul asked tentatively,

    Priyank died in the hospital yesterday night’

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    bad ending......

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    Hmmm sad na...

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    hmmm nice sad post...take care...

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