Let me say this with my head held high and my heart free, I am a dreamer. I dream of dreams which no one else dares to dream. I dream with my eyes wide open and I dream with my eyes closed. But I dream. Maybe it is my Piscean self that makes me such a big dreamer.

I recall , my mother always used to tease me that the first thing that I tell her when I wake up from sleep is , My dreams. With my Diary (we did not have blogs then!) I used to share my day dreams. I feared, in fact I still fear sharing them with any one else. Why? you ask me!

Well my dreams are made of fragile hopes and aspirations and I hate to put them under anyone cruel scrutinizing knife,. I am wary that some one with a sharp laugh of ridicule might tear those tatters. So I share them with my diary (still).


I am a firmer believer that-"Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them" (John Updike) Having said that , I wonder, are dreams , nature's way of telling us, this too is possible!. Since I can dream of it means I think of it often and so my subconscious mind decided to paint it into a dream for me. Does that mean somewhere in me, I believe that I can do IT?

Let me dream,

let me free my soul of all ridicules, fears, failures

And let me Dream,

May be my dreams will show me the way,

The way to achieve what I carve,

so let me Dream.

Let me dream a wonderful dream,

a Dream, that My sweetest dream is a just a breath away,

Oh! Please let me dream

and I promise If My dream comes True,

I will give you all the colors of my rainbow colored dreams

To Paint your dreams in the same colors.

Let me dream.