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Thread: Love Hit me!

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    Love Hit me!

    And then with a soft whisper of A “Hello” I fell in Love.

    I have been Ms. Serious for all who know me, I have been called Names like Ms. Snobbish, Her Highness(yes they called me that and much more in college) and then Love happened. I was transformed, I was now Ms. Dewey eyes, I was Ms. Dreamy, Cray yes I was, Just like any other first love, I was totally smitten, Days in and days out one person occupied my thoughts so deeply that I forgot to submit my assignments on time, I day dreamt in the digital electronics classes, the bread board with LED’S looked like a garden filled with fresh blossoms (yikes! imagination sure goes bonkers when you fall in love!!)

    I was no more on Planet earth, I now lived somewhere in the rarefied atmosphere somewhere above the mere mortals, who did not have the opportunity to be in Love. The heady feeling was something like having drunk 2 pegs of Vodka with Pineapple Juice ( I think this is the best example!!!) Imagine being in this taste while the boring lecture is trying to make you understand the nuances of energy packet that transfer heat and energy through some kind of complicated structures….things float around you, and you feel like singing “kasie samjhaon tumhe yeh …mera pehla pehla pyaar hai yeh, Ankhon mein itabar hai yeh”( how do I tell yo? This is my first love and I have a lot of faith)

    It was in those lovelorn days that I got permanently hooked to the husky voice of Bryan Adams.

    Oh yes before we go ahead, let me clarify this, dear readers, it was a one sided love. The poor guy had no idea I was mooning hopelessly over him,

    Small innocent gestures from him made me feel that he was crazy for me!!! If he asked me to share my notes with him, I was convinced for the next two days that he was as crazy about me as I was about him. Then a week later the fragile bubble of my love burst when he asked my best friend to accompany him to the canteen. For the next on week, my best friend was near to tears as I gave her my coldest shoulder.

    Oh I loved it all… the pain the momentary happiness, the feeling of ecstasy.

    It was Love, I was so sure I had found the kind of love M&B Talks about!!!!( I was young and a bit silly, lets grant me that!)

    I was always on a look out for an opportunity to have 2 words with him. For m he was sitting up high on a pedestal and I did not count him as mere mortal, he was beyond everything.

    Our results were declared and I failed(a s usual in one of the subjects( I am a very good at academics, but this one subject just made my brain go ………phossssssssssssssssssh) I saw the results before anyone did and brain wave hit me. I went up running and told the guy,’ let bet on the results” wonder of wonder he was game” if I fail in one subject, I will treat you, if you fail in one You treat me’

    And then He saw the results and I had one (or lost, which ever way you look at it I had one) So I was after him for the treat that I had to give. Finally he agreed and we decided to go to a nearby café. I was on Cloud Nine… Just didn’t Know what to do or say… my favorite wish was granted.

    I still remember the exact clothes I wore (him…. Well I didn’t bother much with what he wore; he looked great in rags too.

    December in Delhi is Cold and I usually eat a lot of peanuts, while walking towards the cafe I offered him a few of them, he took them, peeled them and ate them!!!!!!!!I just could not believe my eyes, I was shocked!!!

    How could he eat peanuts? and that is exactly what I asked him! he looked at me, as i had suddenly turned green and had grown horns! Why should I not eat peanuts? What is so surprising about them?' I had no words, I don't remember what I replied, but I still remember the felling of shock! how could he eat peanuts? it was such a normal thing that mortals like us did! but he , he was above us mere mortals! He was... come on he could not eat peanuts!!!

    and so it continued so on and so forth, I made a complete fool of myselfover and over again. And the best part was I never realized that I was being a crazy love lorn fool!

    "And then I spoiled it all by saying something stupid like I LOVE YOU."

    He started avoiding me and my heart broke.

    And then day as I was on my way back home I met one of my school mates , then with a soft whisper of A “Hello” I fell in Love.!!!!

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    hmm nice post...take care angel...

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    such a sweet post nice work angel.....good post

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    thanks buddies

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