It was one of those mornings, when you are racing against time to reach office before the clock defeats you and laughs mercilessly as soon as it reaches 9:30 AM.

That is the time I dread, because if I reach later than the deadline, I am in for a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG trouble with my Boss (He is on of those geeky monsters who are always pale faced, but when they are angry they turn a sweet (sic!) Shrek Green!) , his frown is enough to put the fear of God in me.

Well to take the narrative forward, I was sitting back and trying to enjoy’ Darrel Bristow-Bovey’s’ ranting in ‘ I moved your Cheese’. My Cab driver was well aware of my impending deadline and hence he was intent on flying (yes! In case you are wondering about the wrong use of the verb, Cab drivers, imagine that all mortal vehicles are fitted with invisible wings and they are the only ones who know how to put them to us!!),So we flew past the mere mortals on their slow poke vehicles, on 2,4,6, 8 Wheels.

BANNNNNNNNNNNNNNG and I was shaken out of my reverie with a rude shock. We had hit a Bicycle rider and the poor chap was glaring (I got a fleeting glimpse of his angry face, before our car flew past) I was aghast, ‘Stop! Stop! He is hurt!’ I pleaded with the man behind the wings! He slightly inclined his face to the right and muttered, ‘it was his mistake’ ‘His mistake I shouted, you were the one who was in the wrong lane and speeding beyond limits!’, ‘His mistake’ He repeated,’ he should have seen the car coming at top speed and moved out of the way!’,’ Really and I guess you are the next best thing that happened to the Indian Roads, Stop the car’, I repeated’. But he sped along. I was worried sick about the bicycle guy and wanted to kill my cab driver for being so reckless, I can handle the green monster on my back, but on an injured bicycle man on my soul. But The Pilot paid no heed to my shouts.

Soon a rickety LML with a cop riding pillion was huffing and racing with us. The Cop was waving his ‘lathi’ wildly, finally the driver realized he had no option but to stop and he pulled the vehicle on the side.


I thanked GOD, Indian Government and the Cop In my heart, that they had answered my prayers.

The Cop tapped on the driver side Window and the driver pulled the window down and gave out a string of expletives……, The sheer guts of the guy amazed me, here he was the culprit but he was standing up to a cop in all innocence of his crime.

The cop looked at me and said’ you look educated’ (Look! I thought I was!!), ‘well you should have stopped the car and seen to the hurt guy’, I nodded and Told him he was absolutely right and I think he was so wonderful doing his duty and stopping my cab driver, He blushed!(yes he did, though not red but a sickly blue!)

He told the driver to get down the car with all his papers in hand. The cab driver tried to slip in a 500 Note to the cop and the cop took hold of his collar,’ you are trying to bribe me! I don’t take Bribes; God has given me more than enough! I don’t need your money, go and help the poor guy who is hurt!’ God! Am I dreaming, I pinched myself hard, I could not believe my ears, and it was as if he was delivering the dialogues of a good cop from one of those Bolly wood Movies?

The driver got down from the car at that instant and took the cop aside; he came back 10 mins later with a triumphant smirk on his face. I looked at him expectantly, and asked him, ‘ are we going back’, ‘No’ he replied, Just then the cop walked to the car as looked at me and said, ‘ I am letting him go only because of you’, me! I wondered and looked at him with a question mark blinking strategically on my face, ‘You have a flight to catch in the next 1 hour and I don’t want you to miss it’, he answered helpfully.

Me! I was already Flying I thought! Where else would I fly to now? But he waved to me and walked off.

I looked at the cab driver, he was starting the vehicle and soon he was flying it again, as recklessly as before.

‘What happened, back there?’ I asked him,’ Nothing’ he replied, ‘he took the money’, he smirked, ‘but he was refusing earlier!’ I said, ‘oh! He was feeling shy to take the bribe in front of you’, replied the cab driver.

I wish all drivers are WOMEN!