I live on the edge of the day, each receding day touches me with its feather light touch and sits and chats with me a while, before it wraps up its wings and gives up the reigns to the dark night.

I am the one who brings a sigh of relief from the tired lips of working class men a and women. They look forward to wrapping their days work and rushing back home to their homes. Some are not so happy and donít look forward to me, they dread the moments when the day will leave them with me and they would have to face their family with me, yelling demanding kids, nagging irritated wives, unsatisfied girlfriends, sticky boyfriends, suspicious husbands, nitpicking in laws. They are a sad lot, as they have lost the enthusiasm to enjoy the end of a day and celebrate the start of another.

My approaching footsteps fill up the kids with unbounded glee, as they look forward to a few unrestricted hours of play and frolic in the play grounds.

I am the one who brings a happy smile on the face of an harried housewife, she gets an escape from the mundane house work and spends a few precious hours chatting up with the neighbor hood busy bees, who regale her with the latest stories of the truant son of Mrs. Gupta, the funky errant daughter of Mrs. Doshi. She smiles and laughs mirthlessly on the misfortunes of Mrs. Doshis and Mrs.Guptas. It helps her forget that her own son hardly gives an ear to what his father has to say and has been threatening to run away from home and become a DJ. It helps her forget that she has an 18 year old daughter who spends endless hours talking to unknown (to her) guys on the mobile during the nights.

I am only ME! Some look forward to me others dread me. It is just how you see me. Cause I have just plain old simple Evening!!!

Good Evening, Good evening;

Let me walk with you and take you to the night;

Let me start a lullaby that the night will complete

Let me help you untie the numerous knots that the day has tied up,

Give me your hand and I will wipe away your worries,

Give up the tensions of the day, I am here,the night is near and we will sleep and DREAM!!!