Dark thoughts lurk in stark nooks of my mind

Vapid ideas rotting, dying a painful end.

A Rancid smell coalesces with the fresh air,

And a suffocating suphuric smell assails my senses.

Standing on the door, I implore my heart to take heed.

But in an intoxicated moment it trespasses barbed edges of fear.

My eyes, unable to stand the sight, shut themselves out.

But the fevered heart sees it all;

‘It is painful’, dying thoughts are a sordid sight my mind tells him,

But drunk on eagerness and curiosity, he stumbles upon them.

He trips and falls and breaks himself;

Blood drop splatter the walls like tear swollen red eyes.

My eyes jerk open;

They are shocked into tears.

I had never wished this,I have never envisioned this destruction;


But there they all lay, my heart my thoughts, my tears, bleeding, rotting, shed.

Crooked mind, A devil’s advocate, shuts itself to the gory details,

Instructs my legs to run.

And I run!

As fast as My trembling legs would carry;

While my cheeks are stained with tears

And my hearts gone missing.