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Thread: John is doing a Bebo

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    John is doing a Bebo

    Kareena has lost oodles of excess weight in the past few months, owing to her alleged obsession of looking perfect! In a recent interview with ‘Vogue’ magazine, the actress even admitted to having a desire of looking as petite as Victoria Beckham! Her regular Yoga sessions have also helped her achieve her dream!

    However, Bebo’s not the only one in Bollywood to excessively obsess over her fitness! Her ‘not so good friend’ John is following suit!

    A friend of the actor revealed, “John is a fitness freak. He wants to have a perfect body, rather the best in the business, since every hero these days works out to add some muscles! He even consults ‘five’ different physical instructors for five different parts of his body – chest, arms, legs, abs and butt! Few of his trainers are even based abroad.”


    Quite intrigued by the news, we tried to get in touch with John but he was unavailable for comment. We then got in touch with Gold’s gym, where the actor works out regularly. The manager initially agreed to our query and also accepted the fact that John consults few trainers based abroad along with few at Gold’s! However she later backtracked her statement saying, “John only works out with Alim (John’s trainer) at our gym. If he works out with some other trainers we are not aware of that.”

    We wonder if John is following Bebo in this department! After all, the duo will be seen together in a romantic film soon! May be John doesn’t want Bebo to steal his thunder with her bikini-perfect body! What say John?

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    hmm kool

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