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Thread: Integrating Emoticons/Smileys in Gmail chat and Google Talk

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    Integrating Emoticons/Smileys in Gmail chat and Google Talk

    Emoticons/Smileys are a good source of entertainment while chatting

    This is the list of emoticons/smileys that should work inside Gmail Chat.Unlike any other messenger,these graphics are animated out of simple text to make it attractive

    Note::These graphics would be available only to the person who is chatting inside Gmail.Not for those using Google Talk


    Emoticon Key Combination

    Heart! () ----> { <3 }

    It's a monkey!() ----> {|)}

    Rock out.() ----> {\m/}

    Shout!() ----> { }

    show your teeth() -----> {}

    Sadistic() ----> {}

    Crying() ----> {x-(}

    Cool() -----> {B-)}

    Tears() ---> {:'(}

    laughing() ---> {=D}

    tricky() ----> {}

    sorrow() ----> {}

    smile() ----> {=)}

    teeth!() ----> {}

    tip() ---> {;^)}

    tricky!?! () ---->{}

    lol() -----> {}

    small laugh() ---> {:P}

    Note: Don't use brackets{} in it..
    But I tried out these in Google Talk.The result I saw was not an animated icon but a blue graphic for most of them.You can see in the picture below
    P.S. Don't get confused... These emoticons/smileys are for chatting only and will not work when integrated inside a mail[/list][/img][/list]

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    Thanks for the share.. will check it out

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