Jiah Khan

Generation next Bollywood siren Jiah Khan is young, raw and determined. This stunning beauty began her acting career opposite none other than the legend himself, Amitabh Bachchan in one of India's most controversial films till date - Nishabd. She was a name unknown which has now changed to form a name that would flow from everybody's lips in the breath of conversations today. Jiah graces for the popular UK glossy magazine named Xeher as the 'Cover Girl'.

Going for Gold

Jiah exited her dressing room and for a second, time stood still. Everyone stole a glance as Jiah approached the camera looking effortlessly beautiful and yelled in excitement that she was ready. Standing before everyone was Jiah, the woman they were yet to see, and the lady she was yet to be seen as. She worked the camera, taking delight in every frame, positively basking in the glamour around her. She was in nothing less than her element.

Wearing a dress that was fit for only an 'A List' celebrity walking along the red carpet at the Oscars, Jiah had every capability to fit into that category. She oozed glamour, presence and all things we love about celebrities - it was literally gushing from her in buckets as she awoke before the camera. There were no doubts that this is what she was born to do.

Lady in Red, Rocks n Rolls

Now wearing a blood red dress, which flowed for what, seemed like miles, with hair that looked picture perfect, Jiah looked striking. Her beautifully long and enticing hair did everything to complement her beautiful face and deeply reflective eyes. She sat comfortably even with the rising temperature of Mumbai.

Jiah Khan sports Xeher wristbands


Finally, Jiah sports the Official Xeher wristband in a picture that cannot but help pull you in through her beautiful eyes. Jiah was a rebel, fighting for a good cause. She had always dreamt of being an actress, and struggled but made her dream a reality. She mastered her art at one of the world's finest institutes and is now basking in the glory of her stardom and bright career she has ahead of her. However, in the same breath her past has made her the person she is, and the rebellion in her fights, a cause to make people happier through her work. With one of 2008's biggest Diwali releases - Ghajini, this girl sure is heading in one direction only - up and up and up. Jiah Khan is a rebel with a 'real' cause.