Last February, Saif Ali Khan had a mini-stroke and subsequently gave up smoking. But the lure of nicotine won, and the actor is lighting up again. Saif doesn't deny he has started smoking again, "It's not that I have become a regular smoker again. I smoke occasionally. But after I have had like three glasses of wine, I feel like taking a few puffs. And it's not that I drink regularly either... only once in a while, when I am at parties or socially.

I know I shouldn't smoke and when my family comes to know that I'm smoking again, they'll get very upset with me. They are concerned about me after what happened last year, but I have not become a smoker again," Saif says vehemently.
In a party last week at Bling, Kareena went looking for Saif and lost her temper when she found him outside the venue, smoking. Bebo wants him to kick the butt. Meanwhile the actor is all set to kick butt in his next release Race, for which he is in Goa.

He says, "Race isn't an action film as most people think. It has a lot of thrilling sequences like car chases, jumping off the 26th floor of a building. I took on Race because it's a smart, sexy slick thriller!"