Bipasha Basu's steamy song with Saif Ali Khan in race reasserts her sex symbol status. And the actor is patiently waiting for her Hollywood break in Ben Kingsley's Taj Mahal.

Bipasha seems to be racing ahead with her new release Race.

Archita Kashyap: Lets start with your haircut. Many people say it is Rihanna inspired or is it something that you like?

Bipasha Basu: Rihanna happens to be my favourite pop icon. I like the way she dresses and I like her haircut.


Archita Kashyap: Coming to Race, you play a model. I will start upfront with the hot steamy sequences that everyone is talking about.

Bipasha Basu: It is work. I have done it time and again. It’s just that the faces have changed. It is a part of my job. It is actually very technical. It was a messy sequence and when there is hay around, it gets worse. I am a person who is highly allergic to hay. I actually had an allergic attack.

Archita Kashyap: Saif Ali Khan and you are just good friends…close friends?

Bipasha Basu: I don’t like the term good friends. The media, the people and actors have misused the term time and again. Yes, I got to know Saif a little better in Race. I did not know him before that. We just got along well.

Archita Kashyap: One last word on Taj Mahal. It is in the scripting stages. When do we get to see you there?

Bipasha Basu: As soon as we find a scriptwriter. The writer’s strike is just off. So they will figure out a writer and after that is done, the narrations will happen and it is a long process. So it’s going to take some time.