From Aishwarya Rai and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Karisma Kapoor and David Dhawan, Kajol and Karan Johar - all Bollywood actresses get possessive about their hit director. Now, it's Kareena Kapoor who is showing similar symptoms with Jab We Met director Imtiaz Ali.


A lot of eyebrows were raised when Imtiaz Ali cast Deepika Padukone for his next film instead of Kareena. Our source says, “At the awards night, Kareena (albeit jokingly) made a comment saying, 'I am upset because I have not been cast in Imtiaz's next film.' Kareena's statement, that too at the podium, left Imtiaz quite shaken. Though the comment was made in jest, it seems that Bebo got her point across.”

The source adds, “Kareena obviously assumed that after having a hit like Jab We Met, Imtiaz would surely cast her in his next project. However, when she came to know that it was OSO girl Deepika Padukone and not her, she was quite miffed. So on stage at the Filmfare awards function, Kareena cleverly put the message across. It was her way of telling Imtiaz that she may not have been very happy about not being part of his next film.”

When asked about his reaction to Kareena statement, Imtiaz Ali laughed it off. He says, “When Kareena said that, she was directly looking at me. It's a joke between us, that's all! But if you are trying to make a story out of this, sorry to disappoint you, there isn't any!” He adds, “Kareena and I practically lived together during the making of Jab We Met. We know each other too well to take anything of this kind seriously. We keep rubbing each other wrong way all the time.”

Imtiaz says he took Kareena's comment as a compliment. He says, “No director does a favour to Kareena by casting her in the lead. It's the other way round.” When asked why he had cast Deepika and not Kareena for his next film, Imtiaz says, “That's because Deepika was best suited for the role. My next film is being produced by Saif Ali Khan and Dino Morea.

If Kareena wanted, she could have been a part of the project, but she did not. However, Kareena and I are planning to do a film after I finish the one starring Saif and Deepika.”

Well, why don't you cast Deepika and Kareena, and then watch the fun, Imtiaz!