You don't know what love has in store for you. Bollywood's latest sensation Deepika Padukone was a blessing to Indian ODI cricket vice captain Yuvraj Singh at one point of time. His performance was rocking on and off the field when he was seeing Deepika. Now that they have split, his performance has kissed the dust.


Yes, Yuvraj was doing exceptionally well with his bat till recently. He hit the ball hard and scores runs at will. This very aggressive batsman, who hit six sixes in a single over at the last Twenty20 world cup, is struggling to get singles at the moment. The breakup with Deepika seems to have taken its toll on his performance.
The news is doing the rounds that Yuvraj is not comfortable with Deepika's close proximity with actor Ranbir Kapoor. On the other hand, Deepika didn't like his possessive attitude. Owing to these differences, they decided to part ways. Now, Deepika is said to be dating her old flame Ranbir.

It's time Yuvraj forget the past and boost his performance!