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Thread: Can u solve this

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    Can u solve this

    in a game of cricket there are two batsmen playing let it be "a" and "b". batsman"a" is on 98 runs and batsman"b" is on 94 runs.both wants to score a century.but a problem is that their team requires only 3 runs to win the match and balls left are only 2. batsman"a" is on strike.then also they both make century how?






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    Two balls are left. so on the first ball, batsman "a" hits the ball and gets three runs. but the umpire signals one run short. so only two runs are counted and batsman "b" comes on strike as both of them have crossed. so batsman "a" completes his century. and on the last ball batsman "b" hits a sixer and scores his 100. thus they wins the match and scores century

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