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    Whatever you would say to me it's useless
    Your love leaves a bad tastes in my mouth
    I tell you to not return me from my way
    And I want you to leave from my life
    Right now I would like to forget you
    You... You... don't know how to love...

    No... I don't want you to say I'm asking you too much
    I want to say "Good bye"
    Why are you asking me to look behind ?
    When thousand of thoughts are still tracing me
    But no...
    I won't return from my way again
    And I want you to leave from my life
    Right now I would like to forget you



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    boy thats quite a post. thats also probably one of the hardest things to say.

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    ..hmm..good post sweetu...the emotions has been conveyed pretty well...take care...

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    thanks to lalliv and sunshine

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    whom u trying to forget ......why i see some pain that u want to let go of some1

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    Good one

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