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Thread: Life As A Computer!!...

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    Life As A Computer!!...

    Life As A Computer

    I ran across some good humor that really illustrates how dependant we are on our God, while computers are dependant on humans to adjust and to run. Though sometimes I think it would be nice if life would be as easy as a computer.


    If Life Were Like A Computer:

    - You could add/remove someone in your life using ......the "Control" panel.
    - You could put your kids in the ......."Recycle bin" and "Restore" them when you feel like it!
    - You could improve your appearance by adjusting the......."Display Settings".
    - You could turn......."Off"..... the "Speakers" when life gets too noisy.
    - You could click on .......“Find”(Ctrl, F) to recover your lost remote control and car keys.
    - To get your daily exercise, just click on......"Run"!
    - If you mess up your life, you could always press......."Ctrl, Alt, Delete"...... and start all over

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    Good one

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    If we want we can refresh ourself.. with F5.. r8? \/

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    nice share da

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