Everybody knows that Ajay Devgan and wife Kajol performed a lovely salsa for 'Jee le..' in 'U, Me Aur Hum' but what nobody knows is that Kajol displayed heights of professionalism while shooting for the song, despite an injury!!!

Says a unit member, "We shot the song 'Jee le..' on the cruise liner. Ashley Lobo has done the choreography. Once while performing the number in the evening Kajol had to leap down from the upper deck and during the leap she badly sprained her ankle and fell down with much injury, thanks to her five-inch heels! But despite that, she took some painkillers and shot the very next day for the same shot with full bravado!"

The insider adds, "Kajol is such is a professional and always listens to the director. Plus Ajay too was very calm and composed and encouraged Kajol to give her best"


Ajay says, "I wanted a salsa for the song and the steps because that was the requirement of the script. It was an expensive shoot - more than 100 dancers and we had a crowd of about 600 people on the cruise. First we decided what the requirement of the script was and then Vishal made the salsa number. Once Kajol is convinced about the script and the screenplay you don't need to convince her about anything else. It was highly brave and professional of her to finish the shoot despite her bad leg injury."

Well, we always knew Kajol was a director's actress!!