Aamir involved in Saif and Kareena fight

Top Bollywood actor Aamir Khan found himself in the middle of a heated argument between star-crossed lovers Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

The incident happened on Friday night, when at a suburban five-star hotel, Saif was involved in a tense phone call to his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor. He was so immersed in the conversation that he failed to notice fellow actor Aamir Khan make his entrance into the hotel and sit right next to him. Says a source, “Saif was completely caught up in a heated conversation with Kareena on the phone. It was obvious from his tone and body language that he was trying to explain something to her, but in vain. He was so engrossed in his argument that he didn’t even notice Aamir Khan who entered the lobby area and seated himself right near Saif. He continued with his phone call, without a glance at Aamir.”

Not only Aamir, but sexy actress Nisha Kothari also came to the lobby and greeted Saif. To which Saif angrily responded by saying, “I’m stressed out right now. Please leave me alone.” An upset Nisha then went her own way. Talking to reporters later, Nisha confirmed, “Yes, I did walk up to Saif, but nothing happened and I don’t want to talk about the incident at all.”

Saif tried to clear up the story later, by saying, “It was not a heated conversation and I had a nice dinner with her mother after that.”