Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are India’s answer to Victoria and David Beckham — they are on their way to becoming 2008’s hottest power duo with companies approaching them for joint endorsements at a mind-boggling rate of Rs 10 crore per ad.


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Says a source close to the actress, “Kareena has been working out to develop a body type like Victoria Beckham, so that she can model and carry off any product in the world.

Victoria is known as the best clotheshorse and together with David, she has launched perfumes, a jeans line and other endorsements.

Their fees skyrocket every passing year. Now Saif and Kareena are being offered a whopping 10 crore to do ads together.

Every ad company is pitching for them. Saif’s endorsement manager, Globosport and Kareena’s manager, Matrix have been offered more than five endorsements offers together.

Power play

Shweta of Matrix says, “I can’t comment on the amount as that is against client confidentiality; but yes, a lot of brands have approached us for Kareena and Saif’s joint ads. We are looking at categories where both can work together.

We can’t look at competing brands or brands like clothing, which Kareena (Globus) is already endorsing. We are looking at them jointly endorsing automobiles, a health drink and luxury watch brand amongst many other brands.

They are a young power couple all by themselves and that’s the reason brands are looking to associate themselves with Saif and Kareena almost like Victoria and David Beckham, though they belong to an older category. In 2008, Saif and Kareena could very well become the No 1 power couple as far as endorsing