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Thread: Tears..........

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    Jasmine Surve


    Tears streaming down my face
    as I see you walk away

    knowing that today
    might be the last day

    I ever see your happy smile
    but in my heart I know that I will see you again

    except right now
    I feel like my life is going to end

    I will put on a happy face
    so that you cannot see my sadness

    because hiding sadness is what I do best
    but in my heart I know I will see you again

    as we hug our last hug
    I hold back all my tears and try to smile

    and you can see me struggle and say it is ok to cry
    but you do not know a part of me just died

    now you turn your back and walk away
    and as a single tear rolls down my face

    you turn back to say I love you
    I cry the hardest I ever have


    as I see you walk away
    but in my heart I know I will see you again someday

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    Jeena isika naam hai...Jasmine...Keep ur hope alive...

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