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    Name help

    Guys I need a little help. I want ancient mythological names starting with X and Z. I searched on the net but there arent too many. So pls.......


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    ..hmm..well Core so far i've found these names..hope there useful..take care...

    XANTHE Greek Mythology, Ancient Greek
    Derived from Greek ξανθος (xanthos) meaning "yellow" or "fair hair".
    Gender: feminine

    Gender: Masculine
    Usage: New World Mythology
    Means "flower prince" in Nahuatl. He was the Aztec god of love, flowers, song, and games, the twin brother of Xochiquetzal XOCHIQUETZAL f New World Mythology

    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: New World Mythology

    Means "flower feather" in Nahuatl. This was the name of the Aztec goddess of love, flowers, and the earth, the twin sister of Xochipilli.

    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: New World Mythology

    Means "grain mother" in Quechua. This was the name of the Inca goddess of grain.

    Gender: Masculine

    Usage: Greek Mythology (Anglicized)

    Pronounced: ZEF-ur [key]

    From the Greek Ζεφυρος (Zephyros) meaning "the west wind". Zephyros was the Greek god of the west wind.

    Gender: Masculine

    Usage: Judeo-Christian-Islamic Legend

    Possibly means "command of God" in Hebrew. The Book of Enoch names him as one of the seven archangels.

    Gender: Masculine

    Usage: Greek Mythology

    Other Scripts: Ζευς (Ancient Greek)

    Pronounced: ZOOS (English) [key]

    The name of a Greek god, related to the old Indo-European god *dyeus whose name probably meant "shine" or "sky". In Greek mythology he was the highest of the gods. After he and his siblings defeated the Titans, Zeus ruled over the earth and humankind from atop Mount Olympus. He had control over the weather and his weapon was a thunderbolt.

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    Thanx Elegance I really likd the Zerachiel. Guys can u find me some more

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