Sometimes a harmless joke can take a deadly turn. And that's exactly what happened at the Filmfare awards on Saturday night, which had a few tense moments courtesy the Razzy awards that Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan were handing out to to their colleagues. The two Khans gave out the desi version The Nariyal Awards in various categories.


The show script had many funny moments with the guests in splits until they announced the Wedding Dancer of the year award to Akshay Kumar for dancing at most weddings in 2007. Then Shahrukh went on to say, "I am free for a few months now, I might just do the same.
"To which Saif added, "I was even thinking of doing birthday parties." At this point, King Khan warned him, "Don't say that aloud, Akki will start doing that too." While everyone in the audience was enjoying the joke, Akshay wasn't particularly amused.

In fact, when Akshay got hold of the mike, he decided to get his own back and said, "Shahrukh, your wife had called me yesterday." There was stunned silence in the auditorium thinking Akki was going to make a nasty jibe at SRK. But the actor added, "She told me to come to your house and perform for Aryan's next birthday bash as he prefers my dancing to yours.

" If one remembers SRK and Akshay have been pitted against each other at the BO with Akshay giving four hits last year compared to Shahrukh's two. Akki wasn't going to let his rival make digs and not retaliate.

The source says, "Akshay felt he had taken enough ribbing from the duo. And he gave them a fitting reply. Everyone thought Akki had cracked a joke and smartly and pointedly made his point too. "Akki is an extremely popular dancer and is called to perform at weddings at astronomical sums of money.

Akki's wit at first left SRK looking stumped but then he simply smiled and took it sportingly. The cracks on Akki stopped after that." An industrywalla adds, "I would not be surprised if this entire tu-tu main-main was not part of the act. If you remember, Akki did something similar at the Filmfare awards in Om Shanti Om."