Hrithik and Suzzane are proud parents of one kid. Their son Hrehan roshan is an inexplicable source of joy to the entire Roshan Family.

Their bundle of joy will be doubled this year, as Suzzane Roshan is pregnant once again. This time one is not sure if she will deliver a boy or a girl and Hrehaan will soon get another sibling to play with.

Roshan admits, “Yes one more Roshan is arriving. We just got to hear the news and are thrilled. It doesn’t matter if we have a grandson or a granddaughter anything is welcome as long as the baby is healthy and fine.


Sussanne too is now ready for motherhood a second time. With Hrehaan turning two, she is less occupied than before and this seemed like a perfect time.

Hrithik is very happy and hopes that this time the baby is a girl.