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    police man

    Two policemen are going to work:
    - Shall we take a bus or walk?
    - Well, lets see what arrives first.

    A policeman comes to the office with one black shoe and one white shoe. His boss starts to yell at him:
    - You are ruining police reputation, go home and change the shoes.
    The policeman goes home, and comes back after a while.
    - Boss I have a problem, the other pair of shoes at home are black and white, too.

    - Santa Claus, one smart and one stupid policeman are walking together when they spot a hundred dollars on the ground. Who will take the money?
    - ???
    - The stupid policeman, since Santa Claus and the smart policeman donít exist.

    Two policemen are in a patrol car:
    - Could you check if the directionals work on your side of the car?
    The other policeman looks through the window and says:
    - Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no...

    On a narrow mountain road a man sees a police car driving uphill backwards.
    - Hi guys. Why are you driving backwards?
    - Because we are not sure that we will find a place to make a u-turn on the top of the mountain.
    After one hour the same man sees the same police car driving downhill backwards again.
    - But guys, why are you driving backwards again?
    - We found a place to make a u-turn up there.

    A policeman sent his wife and kid to a resort for a vacation. After a week he joined them in the hotel. As soon as he came to the hotel room he wanted to make love to his wife.
    - No darling, we canít do it here, our kid is watching us.
    - You are right, lets go to the beach.
    After a while, they start to make love on an empty beach. All of a sudden, a policeman walks in on them.
    - Put your cloths on immediately, shame on you, you canít do that in public.
    - You are right - said the husband - but I had a moment of weakness. We didnít see each other for a week. By the way, I am a policeman too and it would be very embarrassing if you fine me.
    - Donít worry, you are a colleague and it is your first time. But this is the third time I caught this bitch making love on this beach in the last week and she will have to pay for it.

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    All Reposts

    All of these jokes are reposts. Only change you have made is to replace main character Sardar with the policemen (except the last joke). I hope these are not Indian Police as they are good ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetsanju
    All of these jokes are reposts. Only change you have made is to replace main character Sardar with the policemen (except the last joke). I hope these are not Indian Police as they are good ones.
    May be...but i didn't read all of the jokes...sorry for the reposting my friend!!!!

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    Lol good one

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    hey no prob if it is even a repost...take a chill phill guys

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