Rajni kanth rocked the entire Tollywood with his film Ghajini and now Amir Khan is set to rock the whole of Bollywood with the remake version of Ghajini in hindi.


Sources quote that the remake version in Hindi will be titled Ghajini itself. Amir Khan has no qualms about using the same title.

Also there is news that this movie has scooped an amount of 90 crores ,ie. It has been sold for a very large amount, which is way above Sharukh’s, Om Shanti Om which was sold out for 73 crores.

Amir Khan is a perfectionist and this fact is not hidden to people in Bollywood. Asin and Jiah Khan who are starring in the remake version have got to see his passion for perfection and are really glad about it.

“Blessed are they who get to see Amir’s Perfection” they state.

Everybody’s are eyes are on Ghajini, Amir has the talent of pulling out Master pieces from his bag and Ghajini will be no exception.

Amir Khan is an amazing actor, this guy does not have the muscular body nor does he dance great nor does he has those eye catching looks like Hrithik, but what he has no other actor in Bollywood has. He has the charisma and aura, which just attracts people towards him.

Ghajini is already claimed to be a super hit.

What do you say guys!!!!!!