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Thread: It's dark Here.....

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    It's dark Here.....

    A woman and her lover are in the house while the husband is at work. Her nine year old son comes in, and after seeing them making love he hides in the wardrobe and watches them. All of a sudden the husband comes. Wife hides her lover in the wardrobe, without knowing that her son is in there. Boy:
    - It's dark here.
    - Yes it is.
    - I've got a soccer ball.
    - That's nice.
    - Do you want to buy it?
    - No, thanks.
    - My dad is outside.
    - Ok, how much?
    - 250 dollars.
    After a few weeks man and boy run into each other again in the wardrobe. Boy:
    - It's dark here.
    - Yes it is.
    - I've got a soccer cleats.
    Remembering what happened last time, man asks:
    - How much?
    - 750 dollars.
    - Ok.
    After few days, father says to his son:
    - Lets go and play soccer.
    - I can't, I sold the ball and the cleats.
    - How much did you get?
    - 1000 dollars.
    - That is terrible, how could you ask so much money.... that's much more than they are worth. That's a sin, so you should go to the church and confess.
    Father takes his son to the church confessional. Boy gets in, closes the door and says:
    - It's dark here.
    - Don't start with that shit again!!!


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    It's dark here

    Nice one

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    Hahaha very funny

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    lolz gud one

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