The role requires him to play a warrior. Salman has agreed to do the necessary. In return, he is charging Rs 25 crore for this role. Confirming Salman’s fee for the film, producer of Veer, Vijay Galani says, "Yes, we are paying him about that much. It’s a difficult role to portray. But Salman has taken to it well. He is working out diligently under the guidance of his private trainer. He is also on a special diet."


It was being said that Salman has changed his eating habits. And the results have started showing. Galani replies, "Yes, Salman’s chest has increased by at least 4 inches in the last four weeks. He still has a lot of work to do, but the way he is going about it, it won’t take long."

Talking about the film, Galani says, "Salman wrote it over a long period of time. We are making certain modifications, without changing the story." Galani clarifies that Salman has written the story, not the script. Hence, he will not get credit as the script-writer for the film. "We will give him credit as the story writer," Galani reveals.

Buzz is, Priyanka may star opposite Salman in Veer. Salman wanted his girlfriend Katrina to star in the film but since Katrina has already signed too many films, she cannot fit Veer into her schedule. "Hence, Galani and director Anil Sharma are thinking of casting Priyanka," says our well-placed source in the industry.
Galani dismisses the casting of Priyanka as a rumour, saying, "We will think of the heroine only after February 28, the day when the script is completed."

Priyanka and Salman were good friends and have acted opposite each other in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and Salaam-e-Ishq. But things went wrong when Salman insisted that Katrina should star opposite him in London Dreams, instead of Priyanka. However, recently, Priyanka patched up with Salman. "All is well now between Salman and Priyanka."