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Thread: Spears briefly reunited with sons

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    Spears briefly reunited with sons

    Troubled US pop star Britney Spears has spent several hours with her two sons after being granted access to visit them on Saturday.
    It is nearly two months since she last saw them, after her ex-husband Kevin Federline was legally given sole custody of them on 4 January.

    But Mr Federline's lawyer said on Saturday an agreement allowing Spears to see her children had been reached.

    Mark Vincent Kaplan said both parents agreed to a revision of a court order.

    'Participant in their lives'

    The order had stripped Spears, 26, of her visitation rights.

    "The process of reinstating the children's mother as a participant in their lives can commence," Mr Kaplan said.

    Mr Federline's spokesman, Elliot Mintz, said Spears' father, James, played a key part in making possible the visit with Jayden James, aged one, and Sean Preston, two.


    He gave no further details of the reunion.

    The court order was put in place in January after Spears had refused to return her children to their father after a visit. It resulted in a stand-off with police at her house.

    She was admitted to a hospital psychiatric ward following the incident, and spent another six days in a psychiatric unit earlier this month.

    Mr Federline had been awarded primary custody of the boys last October.

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