Two sardarjis (Prajees) were friends. They used to go together in office by bus.
One day one of them was waiting for the other at the bus stop.
Suddenly the other one came on a BIKE (Hero Honda).
First one asked "waa! Prajee!! Kammal ho gaya. Kiska bike Leke aayya?
Second one told " Arre ! Lottery Lag Gayi.
First one said " Mujhe batao yaar, phir mein bhi loonga "
He started telling.... "Arre yesterday late night I was coming from a friend's home.

It was so late that I couldn't catch any bus, auto. After some time one BIKE was coming.


So I asked for lift. That person asked me "where do u want to go?"

I told, "wherever u want." by that time I recognised that THE BIKE WALA was a girl not boy.

She drove fast and stopped at an ultra SUNSAN JAGAHA. She put off her helmet first. And then clothes lastly.
She was totally NAKED..

Then she told " Le! tujhe jo mangta hai woh le le"

I took the BIKE and ran away.

First Sardarji said "Arre! Accha Kiya Yaar.. ! nahi to ladkiyon ke kapde apne kis kaamke?"