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Thread: Gorilla removal service

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    Gorilla removal service

    Bhola is opening his bar one day and is amazed to see a gorilla sitting in the oak tree in front of his establishment.

    He carefully walks into his bar and wastes no time looking up "Gorilla Removal" in the yellow pages. He calls the service, and in nothing flat a truck pulls up with the words "MOHSIN's GORILLA REMOVAL" written on the side.

    A man gets out of the truck carrying a loaded pistol and he has a fierce looking German shepherd on a leash.

    "Now here's the plan," Mohsin tells Bhola. "You hold the gun and I'll climb up the tree and shake the big ape out. When the gorilla falls to the ground, the German shepherd will attack him. After that, I will just throw him in the back of my truck and will drive away. Any questions?"

    "Just one," says Bhola. "What's the gun for?"
    "If I fall out of the tree, shoot the dog!"


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    Lol good one

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