It has been noticed many times that people mainly from lack sense of humor.. If any spoof of a person or anything is been made, few take it in the right spirit while others take it offensively..


Interestingly, there are people who start their day with laughter therapy and they try to start the day with having good laugh.. but Hasya-Ras has always been a part of our culture. Humour has always been successful in our movies, on television...most of the SMSes/emails exchanged are humourous .

Of course we Indians have a sense of humor. We make jokes a plenty. We have funny movies, TV series, we crack jokes in school and at parties, we forward and post jokes. We do know how to laugh and make others laugh. However, where many of us fail miserably at is the ability to laugh at ourselves. When it comes to ourselves we are unable to take humor for what it is meant to be, humor; which is really unfortunate.

How many of us think throwing a banana peel in front of our parents and grandparents and see them fall is humorous..... we have a hierarchical culture and must respect it.. We dont fit well in the "Simpsons" humor...

In my opinion laughter and humor are above the individual. As long as people take themselves obsessively seriously and make a furore over trivial matters the Indian sense of humor just is, if not poor.