Choose 1 appropriate color 4 me....u cn choose more den 2!!

Silver :-
U r a good time pass

Gold :-
U r sweet as honey

I love u and i want u in my life

White :-
I like ur nature

Green :-
U r some 1 special 2 me

Copper :-
I like ur style

Purple :-
I like ur company

U r sweet as choclate

Skyblue :-
U r 2 sweet

Peach :-
U r jolly and very entertaning [funny]

Aqua :-
Just love u [muuaaaaah ] [kisses :*]

Violet :-
I am falling in love with u

Mauve :-
Slowly u r becomming my friend

Orange :-
U r a good friend

Olive :-
U r my best friend with whom i can share my secrets

Grey :-
U r sexy , cool ,stylish , attractive

Stone gray :-
We are friends forever!!