Vulgar Mallika not Welcome in Pak!!!

Mallika Sherawat is not Welcome in Pakistan, that is what Pakistan Film Censor Board is telling all Cinema owners in the country who are screening the Bollywod film Welcome.

Mallika is a bad influence on youngsters as she promotes obscenity, the board insists. Safdar Khan, the secretary general of the Pakistan Cinema Owners Association, confirmed that the board has already given the censored version to theatres across Pakistan.

He added that theatre owners have been warned of strict action if they continue to screen the film without the cuts.

However, Jamshed Zafar, the acting chairman of the Pakistan Film Distributors Association, says the audience had rejected the censored version on the very first day. Hence the cinema owners had to display banners, stating, 'Come and see the uncensored version of Welcome'.

Even the scenes involving Feroz Khan are being chopped off as the actor created a huge uproar with his anti-Pakistan comments during his visit in April 2007.


The Pakitan board's decision seems more ironic as Mallika has not shed clothes onscreen for the first time. "She has been shot very aesthetically. There is no obscenity in any of her scenes. She has worn traditional clothes in the entire film," rues director Anees Bazme.

“The continuity of the film will be disturbed. With Mallika’s entry there is a twist in the story board,” he adds.

Is Pakistan Censor Board listening?