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Thread: Genie and Three men

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    Genie and Three men

    There were 3 guys shipwrecked, who found this small genie bottle. When they rubbed the bottle, a genie appears. The 3 men were surprised.
    The genie called out and asked "What are your three wish my lord?"

    The first men went up and said, "Sir, I want to go home, I haven`t seen my family in months, my girls are going to die with out me".
    The Genie said "So you wish to leave the island?"
    The man said "Yes, please."
    He was gone!

    The second man went up and said "Sir, I also need to go home, my mother and father need me I will truly kill myself here. Please send me back."
    He was also gone!

    The last man in the pack got up.
    "Now what is your wish my lord?"
    Crying his eyes out, he came up and said, "I have no family, the best time I had was with these 2 brothers that you took away from me, my wish is to have them come back"


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    Lol, good wish...

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