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Thread: Eyecare : Non-stop Eyelid-twitching - My Healing Experience

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    Eyecare : Non-stop Eyelid-twitching - My Healing Experience

    Eyecare / Hemifacial Spasm : Medication-induced Non-stop Persistent Eyelid-twitching - How I Eventually Get It Totally Cured By Acupuncture & Other Medical Details

    Note : The following article is only meant as a reference material to the intended recipients and advices should be sought from the medical experts to establish the authenticity of its contents. For your information, I get this non-stop eyelid twitching sickness which is diagnosed as one of the symptoms of Tardive Dyskinesia (neuroleptic medication-induced repetitive, involuntary, purposeless facial muscle movements), while living abroad indirectly from depression (Schizophrenia) through subsequent allergy and overdosage of the related-medications (Risperdal) and I hope that the information given below will be useful to the intended readers.

    Non-stop Eyelid twitching, which is lately referred to as Blepharospasm or Myokymia is actually a symptom of involuntary and uncontrollable movements in the muscles around a person's eyes which in turn make them appear like 'blinking non-stop' to other people.

    Generally, the movements of one's muscle is controlled by the nerves around them that in turn receive signals from the brains which ultimately dictate the variety of 'ways' in which such desired movements are to be conducted based on a person's will.

    The causes of such non-stop eyelid twitching symptom in most common cases may just due to short-term stress, over-tiredness, over-straining of one's eyes, occasional anxiety, temporary panic fits and nervousness which in turn can be easily relieved and recover naturally by a good rest, more relaxation and trying to calm oneself down to stop getting anxious, panic and worried and stressful over certain things. In this regard, such phenomena tend to be quite common among certain students and other professionals.

    However, in the cases of a persistent uncontrollable non-stop twitchings of the eyelids which only get aggravated rather than improved over time and last for months and even years, it may just probably imply that the nerves around the eyes organ are simply not 'properly functionable' enough to bring about the desired movements of the muscles based on the mental instructions from the brains of a person.

    Except for any brain and other eye muscle damages/eye muscle disorders caused by permanent lack of certain nutrients and minerals etc or other irritations to that organ like dry eyes, sore eyes, bacteria infections etc, such a chronic eyelid twitching sickness may likely be caused by certain disturbances and disorders that affect or weaken the functionality of the nerves around the eyes to bring about the desired movements of this organ based on the person's will.

    In this regard, the possible reasons of such chronic eyelid twitching sickness may probably due to the causes as mentioned above which is experienced by a person over a considerably long period of time rather than just temporarily. Apart from that, other likely causes maybe be certain traumas, especially the emotional ones, allergy to or overdosage of certain medications that carry such side effects as muscle spasms, particularly photophobia in the case of non-stop eyelid twitching symptom.

    In fact, I myself have also been suffering from such a sickness due to allergy and overdosage to such medications like Risperdal and other similar drugs (of which I have stopped taking and replaced with something else so as not to further worsen the non-stop eyelid-twitching problem and to prevent a relapse of that sickness after I get healed). As such, I would very much like to share my own genuine personal experience with you over the course of my treatment of such a sickness and I hope that it will somehow be helpful to a certain extent especially to those who have been having the similar experience as mine and I would to emphasize that it again only is meant as a reference material to anyone reading it.

    For your information, I have been suffering from this sickness in the past few years whereby my eyelids also tend to twitch both continuously and uncontrollably without me being able to do anything to control the non-stop twitchings at all. As a result, my eyes would seem like blinking all the while to anyone who looks at me and I totally could not drive, look directly and persistently at the pc or tv screens and most of the times, I simply cant read any books or newspaper properly.

    And I have sought lots of medical treatments and advices as well as apply various kinds of eye drops, taking various types of vitamins, mineral pills as well as many types of anti-muscle spasm medications from lots of eye specialists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists (who explain the medical theories mentioned above to me), ENT specialists and other general practitioners, and even have the MRI examinations taken to get my eyes cured , but these efforts turn out to be in vain as they fail to yield any positive results and my eyes still keep on blinking non-stop.

    Luckily, just about a year after I suffer from such a sickness, I come across an acupuncture expert who studied and observed closely about my problems and then administer a therapy needle on the part of the flesh at the back of the palm of my right hand which is about 1.5 cm (applicable to the average grown adults only) vertically
    from the point of intersection (that would appear visibly when the fingers are closed loosely together) between my thumb and my forefinger (as per attachment added below) to strengthen the weakened and sensitive nerves around my eyes. Kindly take note that this point is located at a much 'fleshy instead of a much 'boney' area - perhaps you would need to briefly explore that part of your right hand at the same time to locate that point, and I hope you will understand that the hand structures of each person differ from one another. After that, he just ask me to press (using just mild force) onto the surface of that acupuncture point using such objects like toothpick /normal writing pen (which is the out-of-ink one of course) or anything with a blunt-pointed end for at least 2 hours a day and then consistently for about 2 months. Having done that persistently based on his order, my eyelid twitching that makes my eyes blinking all the while just totally recover in time and I can drive, work with the pc screens, watch tv, movies and read as well as work like any other normal persons.

    For your further information, I have also come across quite a couple of people in my real life annoyed by such an eyelid twitching problem of different causes and degrees of severity, and accordingly, I just recommend the method as mentioned above to them and within weeks, they just experience significant improvements to their conditions after applying this therapy, and after a few months , they just recover totally from this sickness. . And I hope that by contributing this piece of article to you, it will somehow help you to in at least getting a clue about this sickness.

    Lastly, I sincerely wish that the ones troubled by such an annoying eyelid twitching sickness can recover finally from their illness. Thank you.


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    Medication-Induced Non-stop Eyelid-twitching - Extra Details

    Eyecare / Hemifacial Spasm : Medication-Induced Non-stop Eyelid-twitching - My Healing Experience (Extra Details)

    Note : The following is only intended as a follow-up of my previous article and the information given are meant to serve only as reference materials to the intended readers. Relevant medical advices should be sought to establish the authenticity of the contents below.

    About my personal experience of getting totally healed from this non-stop eyelid twitching sickness, well, in fact I was initially instructed by a psychiatrist to take Rispderdal in the first place for the treatment of my Schizophrenia sickness. And having taken this medication for about one year based on his prescribed dosage, my eyelids started to twitch, quite unnoticeable by me at first, but when more and more people began to ask me the reason why I kept on blinking my eyes to anyone who looked at me, I just started to sense this particular non-stop eyelid twitching symptom but without being aware of its underlying causes at all.

    It was only when my eyelids began to twitch non-stop and violently day after day without me being able to do anything to deal with it, I then just referred this problem to my psychiatrist who subsequently told me that he couldn't do anything about it and referred me instead to a the eye doctors, ENT Specialists and neurosurgeons. Having examined my conditions, medical history as well as my diet and the existing medications that I was taking by that time, they all unanimously arrived at the diagnosis that the non-stop eyelid twitching was definitely and undoubtedly caused by the prolonged intake of Risperdal which actually carried such side effects of muscle spasms especially the ones inflicted on the upper part of the face of a person who took it for a certain period of time.

    In fact, by that time, I just accordingly followed the advice of the new psychiatrist and replaced this Risperdal with an alternative medication called Seroquel,which was actually a second-generation drug that didn't cause that much muscle-spasms side effects. However, even after I had quit taking Risperdal for more than 6 months, the violent non-stop twtichings still persisted. And actually before I decided to seek acupuncture treatment (as recommended by my friends) to deal with this sickness, I did accept the suggestion of a neurosurgeon to take Botox injections to deal with the problematic eyelid-muscles that caused all the non-stop twitchings. Next, the Botox injections, in fact did give positive results in the first place whereby my eyelids just didn't twitch that violently after being given the injections.

    However, upon knowing from the neurosurgeon that Botox injections was actually not an effective cure for this non-stop eyelid twitching sickness, for the very reason that the medications would just serve to sort of 'half-paralyse' the eyelid muscles without being able to do anything curative to the problematic nerves around the non-stop twitching eye muscles, coupled with the fact that such Botox medications would tend to get immunized by the human body, it thus would just mean that larger and larger dosages of such medications would be required for each subsequent injection therapy (which would last for 3-6 months each) in order to achieve the similar healing effect of the previous ones.

    Besides, it was also actually a very expensive therapy as it would cost me about 5,000 dollars for each injection therapy session and hence, to keep on spending such huge sums of money to stop my eyelids from twitching would just be very expensive and unreasonable.

    Whilst the neurosurgeon mentioned to me also about a surgical treatment to effectively cure the eyelid twitching, the operation, apart from being very costly, was also actually a very risky one as its failure may very well bring blindness to the persons being operated. At the same time, even such surgery were to turn out to be successful, it would also be unable to achieve 100% complete healing to anyone being operated in the sense that the eyelid twitching conditions can never 'look perfectly normal' like the ones who were totally not troubled by such a sickness at all. So, I just eventually gave up the idea of getting a surgery to treat the sickness.

    Being terribly desperate, I just came to the decision of referring my eyelid twitching sickness to an acupuncture expert which was recommended to me previously by my friends. Frankly speaking, at first I didn't actually have any faith or confidence in such a needle-based therapy and I hardly believed that these needles alone would be able to get my eyelid-twiching healed. Next, having received such therapy, my eyelids still twitched violently like before without any improvements.

    However, after taking a good sleep at night that particular day after the acupuncture treatment, I just woke up the next day and found that there were lots of dried mucus that stuck around my eyes, and surprisingly, after rubbing away these dried mucus to open up my eyes, my eyelids just don't twitch so violently anymore and immediately I was able to do the simple readings and watch tv as well as work with the PC screen without getting any discomfort. And based on the acupuncturist who dealt with my sickness, that acupuncture point as mentioned in that main article was actually directly interconnected with the bundle of nerves around the eye muslces, and so by administering treatment to it, that will sort of applying some kind of 'reflexology stimulus' to the nerves around the eye-muscles to improve the blood circulation around that area as well as to strengthen these specific nerves and to enable any unwanted metabolism wastes, blockages and toxins accumulated around that eye areas to be effectively purged out of a person's body (through dried mucus around one's eyes) And having applied that therapy on my own as instructed by the acupuncturist, my eyelid-twitching condition just got better and better day after day and within 2 months, the sickness was totally gone whereby my I just appeared to be perfectly normal to anyone who talked to, looked and stared at me until now.

    Though the therapy mechanism mentioned above could hardly be scientifially verified and proven by the modern medical science, however, as far as a patient suffering from this sickness is concerned, it is more the very effective cure for such sickness itself rather than all other medical and scientific reasonings that would eventually matter the most to the patients. As such, this is the main reason why I would seek acupuncture treatment as a last resort to deal with my non-stop eyelid twitching sickness.

    And being subsequently encouraged by the dozens of successful cases of those other people in my real life who had been troubled persistently by such non-stop eyelid twitching sickness and who then eventually got effectively and totally healed in time through the acupuncture technique that I recommended to them, I was thus greatly inspired to post such articles about my very own genuine personal experience of getting totally cured from such a sickness to at least give a clue and some guidelines to the ones who are still being troubled by it so that the similar wonderful thing will happen to them too.

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    Suggested Acupuncture Cure For Non-stop Eyelid-twitching

    Suggested Acupuncture Cure Mentioned Above For Non-stop Eyelid-twitching

    Note: The following is only meant as reference materials to the intended readers.

    This is meant as a follow-up to give you some additional details about the acupuncture technique I have mentioned to you before. Well, regarding the acupuncture point I have mentioned in my prior articles for the suggested cure for non-stop eyelid twitching, its exact location is at the back of the palm of one's right hand, which is 1.5 cm (applicable to the average grown adults only) measured vertically from the point of intersection (that would appear visibly when the fingers are closed loosely together) between the thumb and the forefinger. (Kindly take note that this point is located at a much 'fleshy' instead of a much 'boney' area - perhaps you would need to briefly explore that part of your right hand at the same time to locate that point, and I hope you will understand that the hand structures of each person differ from one another).

    When the acupuncture point is identified and marked accordingly, you can then re-open your hand , and then what you all can do is to sit down, and at the same time press onto the surface of that acupuncture point (using just mild force) with any long blunt-pointed object such as toothpick, a normal writing pen (which is out of ink of course) etc against your chin (suggested for convenience purpose) for a continuous 2 hours, and it's preferably to do that when you are about to go to sleep at night (so that you have more free time to do it). However , if you are eager to find out the very exact location of that particular acupuncture point to further verify the information given above, I would suggest you to seek consultancy from a licensed acupuncturist.

    Please be reminded that a good sleep at night throughout the therapy period is essential for the healing to be effectively done. And a person shouldn't associate oneself again with the underlying causes such as over-straining of the eyes, excessive cafeine intake, allergy/overdosage of certain medication (with muscle spasms side effects) that causes this non-stop eyelid twitching to the particular person in the first place to avoid a relapse of that sickness, especially after getting cured from it.

    Please refer to the attachment added to the prior article above for a pictorial illustration of that acupuncture point. Thank you.

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    Eyecare : Further Details About The Acupucture Technique

    Further In-depth Details & Extra Information About The Acupuncture Technique Recommended For Non-stop Eyelid-twitching Sickness

    The information given below is only meant as reference materials to the intended recipients.

    In fact, my confidence in the effectiveness of this acupuncture technique that I recommend in this website is built upon the very fact of the final recovery (which can be observed within weeks & a few months ) of dozens of such people in my real life over the past few years who have suffered persistently from such non-stop eyelid twitching problems, especially the ones who get this sickness in the first place from the muscle spasms side effects of certain medication, long-term emotional traumas that affect their central nervous system etc, who in turn get almost an observable obvious immediate relief (within a few days time), of which I have witnessed these myself, from the acupuncture method I recommend personally to them.

    Actually these people shared almost the same painful experience as me from such debilitating sickness and for your information, there were many of them who were not so well-to-do, and hence they could not afford such expensive medical bills of seeing the medical specialists or to get Botox injections / surgical treatment to deal with their non-stop eyelid twitching problems. Therefore, when I recommended such an acupuncuture technique to them, I did it out of charity, sympathy and compassion, and thank God that it worked on each and everyone of them.

    Since I am not belonging to the medical field or an acupuncturist myself, I thus would not know whether such an acupuncture technique would actually work in the case of genetical eyelid twitching sickness, and honestly speaking, out of so many people to whom I have personally recommended that acupuncture treatment, I have not yet come across any of such cases before. Nevertheless, I am pretty sure that most of the people with non-stop eyelid twitching problems actually get this sickness from other post-birth causes rather than genetically, and I believe that once the acupuncture point is clearly identitified, the recommended technique would work effectively to provide reliefs to the ones suffer from post-birth causes-induced non-stop eyelid twitching sickness.

    However, I still have to admit that although I have recently received some reply emails from the intended readers who say that this acupuncture technique actually works effectively on them to deal with their non-stop eyelid twitching problems, I would still strongly advise the ones interested in the acupuncture treatment to seek consultancy about its validity & the very acupuncture treatment for this sickness from the licensed acupuncturists in view of the very fact that I could not personally point out to them the exact location of such acupuncture point.

    Another thing is that since the ones to whom I have personally recommended such acupuncture treatment for the treatment of non-stop eyelid twitching sickness are actually all grown adults, the "1.5 cm measure" mentioned in these articles mentioned above would thus definitely not be applicable to the young children whose hand structures are naturally very much smaller. Next, given that the skin textures of small children tend to be very much delicate and tender, and hence more fragile than that of the adults, they thus should definitely be attented to by the licensed acupuncturists to deal with their eyelid-twitching problems in the case where they choose this choice of therapy.

    In addition, I would like to tell you very frankly that in the very first place when I was treated by my acupuncture physician to deal with my own non-stop eyelid twitching sickness, I was actually annoyed by such needle-based therapy and as a matter of fact, I really feel very uncomfortable with both the prospect and the very circumstance of getting my hand stuck with such acupuncture needles that are pierced right into the flesh through that acupuncture point for such acupuncture therapy. Furthermore, given the fact that his acupuncture clinic is located distant away in the other state from the place I live, I thus have requested him to provide me with an alternative acupuncture method to deal with my non-stop eyelid twitching sickness. And as a matter of fact, that alternative acupuncture method which requires the use of blunt-pointed object rather than sharp-pointed acupuncture needle and involves only pressing (using just mild force) onto the surface of the identified acupuncture point rather than piercing of acupuncture needle right into the flesh, did make me feel a lot more comfortable and mind-easing.

    Besides, given that I could administer this simple therapy on my own without having to travel all the way to look for the acupuncture physician to get follow-up treatment for my non-stop eyelid-twitching sickness, it thus tremendously affords me a great deal of flexibility as well as time-and- cost-saving conveniences in helping me to deal with this sickness and get it cured in the end (I personally have applied this therapy for about 2 months and stopped that until now once I get cured.). Thank you.

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    My Experience With Seroquel Drug After Quiting Risperdal

    My Subsequent Experience With Seroquel After Quiting Risperdal

    Note: Advices from medical expert should be sought to establish the authenticity of the following information which is meant as reference materials for the intended readers.

    When I switched from Risperdal to Seroquel for the treatment of my Schizophrenia sickness, apart from enabling me to avoid a relapse of the non-stop eyelid-twitching sickness after I get totally cured from it through acupuncture treatment, it helped me also to a very great extent to enable me to have a very good sleep at night. But when I was at work and hence had to refrain myself from taking such medicine so as not to let its drowsiness effect affect my work performance, I just became quite irritable without any known causes or reasons. And over time, I simply needed such medication to help me sleep at night, and to stop becoming irritable or get angry/frustrated very easily without any reasons.

    About one and a half years ago, I was advised by a pyschiatrist that it was possible for a person to quit Seroquel and then lead a very normal life just like other persons. However, it would take a very strong determination and a great deal of emotional as well as counselling /communication support from the other people to achieve that goal.

    For the sleeping issue, one would need to cut down the dosage of the Seroquel drug progressively over a reasonable stretch of time, such as starting from 200mg to 100 mg , and then 2-3 weeks later from 100 mg to 50 mg and finally to physically break up the tablet into separate parts to achieve a much lower dosage to finally reduce and then totally quit the intake of such medication for the particular person. However, since a progressively lower intake of Seroquel dosage would definitely cause difficulties of sleeping to the particular persons, he/she would then need to put in certain extra efforts on their own, such as doing some exercise a few hours ago to get oneself tired before sleeping, reading some really boring novels /watching some really boring TV programmes or even listening to some sentimental/ sleep-inducing musics before getting to sleep.

    Next, since Seroquel is meant for the treatment of such sicknesses as bipolar disorders, Schizophrenia symptoms etc, it certainly has its own medicational values as an anti-psychotic drug. Hence, to effectively reduce and eventually quit the intake of Seroquel in order to enable a person to stop becoming irritable due to its addiction whilst at the same time to prevent the mental sicknesses mentioned above from getting worse due to decreased intake or eventual quiting of such medication, one would need to reach out more to and have more communications and interactions with other people around them, especially the close kin to seek more emotional support, increased fellowships and in some cases, get involved in more social/ religious gatherings /indoor/outdoor activities, engage oneself in a hobby/ meaningful activities for each one has deep interest in such as drawing, doing other sports etc, and obtain more conselling advices from the trained counsellors in order to improve the sanity /state of mental condition of the patient.

    As far as my own experience is concerned a cheerful and contented attitude to life as well as a balanced approach of living a healthy life are conducive to developing a greater sanity and sounder state of mind for any patients troubled with any mental sickness. And I hope that my suggestions will be useful to you.

    Additional Information About Antipsychotics / Neuroleptics :

    In addition, clinical evidences also indicate that those troubled with mental disorders, especially the serious ones, shouldn't just rely solely upon the medications as the one and only means of solution to their mental problems.

    To put it bluntly, such medications, they are no different from sleeping pills whereby their calming effects just 'come and go' after the lapse of their effective period whilst their potential disastrous side effects can be permanent upon manifestations. In medical sense, such mental disorders, especially the serious ones are mainly caused by the malfunctionings of the mood regulator neurotransmitter, especially Serotonin in the brain. Next, though the related medications can to a certain extent bring such a severe mental disorder under control by 'artificially' regulating, blocking and controlling the re-uptake of it in the brain of the persons suffering from it, medications alone however, by no means would be able to deal conclusively with the problems due to the fact that the root causes of such a disorder is actually resulting largely from the environmental, circumstantial and other interpersonal factors (or the changes of them) that are deemed to be emotionally and adversely unacceptable to the ones suffering from it to a very great extent. Such negative changes in turn actually account for the negative behavioural changes in them as described

    In short, it remains the truth that most of the antipsychotics / neuroleptics meant for especially the treatment of chronic mental illnesses would tend to work in such a way that they would need to change / alter the chemical balances in the brain of those taking such medications in the process of bringing such disorders under control. In the process of doing so, such a mechanism would unavoidably and eventually antagonize the neurotransmitters of the nervous system, especially the serotonin and dopamine (which is necessary for various neuromuscular functions), and hence disturb and interfere with the normal functionings of the nerves of the human body.

    Next, though it may take years for such undesirable side effects / scenario to manifest onto the ones taking such medications, I am just in the opinion that in the case of the medications having potentially such unwanted side effects, it would naturally be the duty of the medical personnel / specialists-in-charge to take all the precautionary measures to safeguard the well-being of the patients for the sake of their healthcare and welfare.

    The real-life examples that I have come across so far is such that for the ones relying merely upon medications and nothing else to deal with their mental disorders, they would tend to develop both emotional and psychological dependences upon such medictions over the long-term whilst getting their mental conditions deteriorated from time to time, eg, from neurosis to psychosis and then just acquire all those almost irreversibly disastrous undesirable side effects like Extrapyramidal Symptoms, Tardive Dyskinesia, Dystonia, Akathisia, Parkinsonism disorders etc from such medications in the end.

    In such a connection, psychotherapy, emotional and other communication supports would be needed to complement the use of the related medications to achieve greater curative effects for such patients troubled by chronic mental disorder.

    As such, medications is one thing, but the mental / cognitive abilities of the patients themselves to eventually change their views and perceptions about their environments / surroundings, circumstances and people they are facing in a more positve way, particularly developed through the help of such counselling supports from the others in order for them to really get better and gradually develop positive behavioural / personal changes, is simply another thing that cannot achieved solely with the help of medications alone.

    In a nutshell, medications alone by no means can be a substitute for the positive interpersonal experiences that such patients would eventually need for genuine improvement and recovery of their sanity and the use of them should at the same time be complemented by other psychotherapy efforts to achieve the purpose of holistic healing.

    Lastly, I hope that the information given above will turn out to be useful to its intended readers. Thank you.

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    ....lonnnnnggggg post..but informative..good...thankyou ntuc...

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    Follow-up : Additional Medical Details

    Please refer to the following for further information about the acupuncture point & other medications mentioned in the articles above :

    Illustration of
    The Acupuncture
    Point :

    Details of
    The Acupuncture
    Point :

    (3w) testine

    Risperdal :


    Seroquel :


    Botox :


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    ..Ntuc It is not permitted to advertise other website addresses on this website otherwise the administarator will band your log in.....Thankyou for co-operating..take care...

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    Traditional Acupressure Vs Acupuncture Cure Suggested Above

    Traditional Acupressure Vs Acupuncture Cure Suggested Above

    Based on the acupuncturist who deal with my chronic eyelid twitching sickness, unlike the other traditional method of acupressure which involves the use of fingers to press and massage the acupuncture point, the use of blunt-pointed object as instructed to me for the treatment of such chronic eyelid-twtiching is actually both intended as a substitute for the acupuncture needle and meant as a 'leverage' to provide an adequately focused and hence a 'reflexology stimulus' that is strong enough to deal more precisely and effectively with that acupuncture point as mentioned above.

    Whereas, if that acupuncture point is to be treated with fingers, the stimulus effect generated would be very much smaller due to the fact that such pressings and massagings would reasonably not last long enough to provide any reliefs for the chronic eyelid-twitching. Besides, given the larger suface area of the fingers as well as their rounded physical shape (compared to the blunt-pointed objects), a large part of the forces produced from such pressings and massagings would then be reasonably applied onto the related muscles rather than directly onto the intended nerves through the related acupuncture point to deal effectively with such sickness.

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